12 January 2012

Innotour USA – Announcement of the Delegation!

Dear Young Innovators,
The first edition of Innotour USA revealed extraordinary young innovators and the huge potential that Europe has. We are grateful for that. We would like to thank everyone for their work and efforts put in writing the applications. We are overwhelmed by the high interest which can only give us hope to think that this is just the beginning of the Innotour USA series, which starts in February 2012.
Due to the large number of submissions and the lengthy selection process consisting of rounds of judging by different judges, arbitartion rounds with all the judges, skype interview calls with short-listed candidates and final decisions, the communication suffered delays and we would like to use the opportunity to thank you once again for your patience and understanding. The Innotour USA delegation is now available on www.eyif.eu
We are looking forward to seeing you further on, on the innovation scene with EYIF, as more opportunities are yet to come.
Innotour USA 2012 sends a strong delegation of 10 in an innovation tour of the US. The spots to fill via the competition were 7, for which EYIF members were excluded to participate and which have been selected from over 200 submissions. Two (2) other alternate candidates have been chosen from the competition as they met all the eligibility criteria and scored the highest after the top 7. In the case of drop outs, they will be the ones to join the group.
EYIF is sending 2 staff members, both innovators in their own right,  in order to coordinate on the ground and ensure the communications, video blogging, conduct interviews and meetings. A 3-rd EYIF staff member is on the alternates list for the same reasons stated above: In case any of the 2 EYIF staff members cannot join the tour anymore, there has been nominated a 3 rd person who can immediately replace the others.
The entire delegation of Innotour USA will be led by Kumardev Chatterjee, Founder and President of EYIF.
The criteria followed throughout the competition is listed below, being the same as the one posted on the Innotour USA competition page from the beginning of the promotion period.
Both the videos and the essays have been evaluated according to the following:


  • Why we should choose you i.e. introduce yourself and describe your relevant achievements?
  • How you would benefit from it personally for your current / near future projects or businesses?
  • How you would contribute to the tour, as an individual and as a member of the team?


  • Your ideas / solutions to bridge Europe’s innovation gap and how the Innotour USA will help
  • How you would share the lessons learned with your peers and communities upon returning home

Participants selected through the competition

  • Mr. Javier Andrés, Spain
  • Ms. Sofia Esteves, Portugal
  • Mr. Tivadar Limbacher, Hungary
  • Mr. Manuel Loistl, Germany
  • Mr. Lukasz Olek, Poland
  • Mr. Mihai Rotaru, Romania
  • Ms. Mandy van Tilborg, Netherlands
  • Alternates selected through the competition
  • Mr. Pedro Carmo Oliveira, Portugal
  • Ms. Annamária Király, Hungary

EYIF Staff members

  • Ms. Diana Zaharia, Romania
  • Mr. Arno Geens, Belgium

EYIF Alternate

  • Ms. Paula Neto

Congratulations to all the selected candidates and best of luck to all applicants of Innotour USA! The European innovation scene is waiting for you. We are looking forward to working together with you to help reduce the innovation gap. Great opportunities are yet to come!
And remember that Innotour USA is not just for the 10 individuals, but it opens up to all young innovators here in Europe. We will be live blogging, tweeting and transmitting ideas and information from meetings and events there. We will need your inputs and questions in order to bring back the right answers from there.
Stay connected and keep innovating!
The Innotour USA Team