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30 January 2012

It takes two to innovate…

Mandy van Tilborg, The Netherlands InnoTour Participant:

In my first blog post I would like to talk to you about innovative people. If you ask me to describe an innovator, I think about entrepreneurs with breaking new business ideas and inventors building genius prototypes of things I could never imagine to exist.  I am neither one of them. And here I am calling myself an innovator working for…a bank. I’ll save the discussion about banks and innovation for my next blog. Let’s start with what it takes from people to be innovative.

I am Mandy van Tilborg (25) from the Netherlands and I work for Rabobank as a junior innovator at the ICT department. I work in a team of 6 innovators and we are all very different. I think that this enables us to be more innovative as a team. We have a true entrepreneur/evangelist in our team who is willing to take risks, preaches his ideas everywhere and can convince others.

Another team member hates to stand in the front. His quality is his intense passion about technique. He is the kind of type who finds solutions without problems. I think that my value lies in the middle and end of the innovation process. I am good at finding patterns and creating combinations. I can also be quite persistent, a hard worker with a sharp focus, which comes in handy to make ideas and vision reality. As Edison said “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”.

I constantly think about the use of a new idea and which steps we need to take to realize it. I am convinced that everyone can be an innovator when together with different people who share the same curiosity, openness and motivation to learn and change things. Steve Jobs couldn’t have done it without the other totally different and less famous Steve: Steve Wozniak. Of course it’s not only about bringing people together.

They also should have the right circumstances to be innovative like a possibility to escape, money to experiment, do something fun and the time to share problems and ideas with others without expecting a solution or certain outcome. Writing this I realize that the things I listed above are all ingredients for InnotourUSA. I can’t wait.

Together we’ll keep you posted but please feel free to share your thoughts with us as well by commenting on our blogs and posts on twitter.

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