25 April 2012

Innovation, innovation, innovation…do we actually know what it means?

Innovation is the buzz word of our century, it’s on the lips of every businessman, entrepreneur, policy maker and government official, the headline of news articles and the promoting principle of any company and corporation. But at the end of the day how many of us really know what innovation means?
This group of school children performing break-dancing in the subway should really make us rethink the all too often exploited concept of innovation. Innovation is not just about investing millions or billions into R&D for quantum PC processors or to come up with impressive technologies that will make life on Mars tolerable.
No. Innovation is first and foremost about creating value. About seizing opportunities where others see nothing, improvising, making the best out of what we already have available, optimizing who we are and what we do in our day to day life. Innovation is about finding purpose. There are no financial or technological constraints to innovate; the only constraints there are, are our mental blocks…All we need is creativity.