Innovation Re-Invented Book
19 May 2012

Innovation Re-Invented: Six Games that Drive Growth

The University of Toronto Press published recently a book of a novel approach in which the overcirculated theme of R&D is deposed by market conditions-they are in fact the real and most powerful determinant of innovation strategies, or at least this is what Canadian management consultants, Roger Miller and Marcel Cote argue. In their approach, they divide products and markets into 6 classes, each requiring a different strategy for innovation.

Find out everything about the “Eureka! Game”, “Battles of Architecture”,”System Breakthroughs”, “New and Improved”, “Mass Customisation” and “Pushing the Envelope” from this comprehensible summary article of the book.

And in case you wonder why the article opens up with the wide screen portrait of Andrew Sheng, the author of the article, well…that is a question we couldn’t find an answer to yet.