18 May 2012

Meet Matthias Ummenhofer, InnoPitch – European Young Innovator Award Judge.

Matthias UMMENHOFER is the chair of the Judges Panel at  European Young Innovator of the Year 2012 awards, on the 26th and 27th of June, at the Young Innovators unconvention, the six finalists for which are being chosen through the pan-European, Online Only Innopitch competition.
On the 26th June at BoZar, the much-awaited European Young Innovator of the Year 2012 awards session will kick off at day one of the Young Innovators Awards unconvention. Six pan-European finalists,  chosen through a pan-European online only competition, the Innopitch will pitch to a panel of well-known EU and US Investors, competing for two prizes, the European Young Innovator of the Year 2012 (jury selection) and the unconventional Innovator award (audience choice).
Matthias UMMENHOFER, Head of Venture Capital, European Investment Fund (EIF)

Matthias Ummenhofer

Matthias UMMENHOFER is responsible for EIF’s Venture Capital operations (EUR 3.4bn committed into ~ 220 VC funds). Besides managing EIF’s VC team he is focussing on business development and shaping EIF’s strategy in the early stage technology market and innovation and entrepreneurship financing. Prior to joining EIF, Matthias worked at European Investment Bank’s (EIB) where the advised a member of Executive Board and was involved in project financing transactions in the infrastructure sector. He has also worked in France as a consultant in the transportation and logistics sector and founded the research unit “Logistics & Environment” at the University of Aix-Marseille II. He was Director for the “Environmental Application Division” of the Society of Logistics Engineers (Hyattsville, USA). He holds a B.S. in Technical Economics from the University of Karlsruhe, a M.S. in International Finance from the University of Aix-Marseille II, a DEA in Transport Economics and Logistics Management and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the same University.
About InnoPitch: Your business idea can change the world. Or so you think. Bring it forward and put it to the test at the first ever European Young Innovator of the Year 2012 awards, the awards ceremony for which will take place at the European Parliament under the High-Patronage of the President of the European Parliament, before leading personalities on Innovation and Entrepreneurship from both Europe and the US, including Rohan SILVA, Senior Policy Advisor to Prime Minister David CAMERON and the drivng force behind the UK Tech city and Alec ROSS, Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State, Hillary CLINTON.

Only six finalists will have the chance to pitch to the jury panel of well-known venture capital investors and experts at the EYIF UNconvention on the 26th of June in Brussels. Do you have it in you to be one of them? Learn More and Apply Now