Female entrepreneurs
15 June 2012

Female entrepreneurs and the obstacles they face

If you Google ‘Women Entrepreneurship’, the first hit you can get is one that leads you to the European Commission’s – well, yes – Women’s Entrepreneurship portal. The portal offers vast information about female entrepreneurship ambassadors, national as well as international networks of female entrepreneurs, networks and projects promoting female entrepreneurs and much, much more. This all seems so well organized, so well taken care of that one might wonder, why it still is so often highlighted whether someone is a female or just an entrepreneur. Europe is not a continent of entrepreneurs. And the ones who are – at least sometimes- wearing skirts only account for about 30%. Why is that? The Commission quotes results from a study saying that for starters educational choices or traditional stereotypes hinder women to innovate. Women often have difficulties getting the same credit as men– financial as well as professional. And finally women do not benefit from the same networking or training advantages that men do. We think that every female entrepreneur or professional woman for that matter will have her own stories to tell. The EYIF however is delighted to present some successful businesswomen discussing the topic during the EYIF UNconvention on the 27th of June. Don’t miss keynote speakers Karen Wilson, OECD, Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry as well as Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Founder and CEO, Care.com and many others at the UNconvention’s Women Entrepreneurship session!