Innopitch: Be the next European Young Innovator
16 June 2012

InnoPitch Award 2012 – Interview with Matteo Tangi, UpLab

Two weeks before the grand presentation at the Young Innovators Unconvention’ Town Hall Session we asked InnoPitch Award 2012 six finalists to briefly anwer four questions in order to present themselfs out to the world. Check out Matteo Tangi (MT) answers:

European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF) – How did you hear about EYIF and the InnoPitch Award 2012?
MT – A friend of mine, social entrepreneur, linked me the project.

EYIF –  What are your expectations from participating at the InnoPitch Award 2012?
MT – Making connections, receive suggestions, maybe meet some venture capitalists interested in the project, even better, some foundations that understand the potential of the project and decide to help us to acheve it. Find people, youngsters that want to share with us this amazing path and, of course, being in an event full of creativity and innovators.

EYIF – Why will you win? (what is your strong card)
MT – UPLAB is a local small scale project that drives massive effects and this is possible because we are going to create a replicable business model adaptable to many different contexts. We will win because we have a strong environmental and social locus of concern. UPLAB is a catalyst for a positive change.

EYIF –  Who are you going to thank if you win?
MT – Don’t know yet. It will be spontaneous!

Have a look at Matteo Tangi’s InnoPitch Award 2012 application and learn more about UPLAB from Matteo Tangi on Vimeo. We are looking forward to meeting all the InnoPitch Award 2012′ Finalists in Brussels! Come to meet the InnoPitch Award 2012′ Finalists and many other inspiring personalities by joining us at the UNconvention. To reserve your chance to participate, do so by registering on our website as soon as possible. Young Innovators UNconvention