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19 June 2012

InnoPitch Award 2012 – Interview with Lars Sudmann from Sudmann & Company bvba

Two weeks before the grand presentation at the Young Innovators Unconvention’ Town Hall Session we asked the six InnoPitch Awards 2012 finalists to briefly answer four questions in order to introduce themselfs to the world. Check out Lars Sudmann (LS) answers:

European Young Innovators Forum – How did you hear about EYIF and the InnoPitch Awards 2012? LS – I came across the EYIF and InnoPitch contest via a LinkedIn update and was immediately hooked by the idea. I am a big supporter of the European idea and I believe that innovation must be at the core of Europe. We need innovation and the EYIF is a great forum to bring this to the European level.

EYIF– What are your expectations from participating at the InnoPitch Award 2012?
LS- First of all, to have the possibility to present an innovative idea to a great audience. On top I look forward to meeting and discussing with fellow entrepreneurs, experts and other participants of the conference. And then it would of course be nice to win the competition 🙂

EYIF –  Why will you win? (what is your strong card)
LS – Firstly, we know the customers and buyers of our product very well (multinational corporations). Secondly, I have personally experienced the ‘pain’ of remote work myself and have a big passion to remove that pain. And thirdly, as a former business executive I believe we can also put it into a tangible and exciting business.

EYIF – Who are you going to thank if you win?
LS – I will thank the team that has worked with me and passionately supported me over the past months; on top I want to thank somebody else, and for this I need to quote Richard St. John. As he said in his brilliant TED talk: “The key to success is to push yourself. It’s not easy to push yourself and that’s why they have invented mothers”. My mother has not only pushed me but she has also always supported me and gave me the feeling that all is possible if you put yourself behind an idea. I will forever thank her for that.

Take a look at Lars Sudmann’s InnoPitch Video Submission

We are looking forward to meeting all the InnoPitch Award 2012′ Finalists in Brussels! Come to meet the InnoPitch Awards 2012 Finalists and many other inspiring personalities by joining us at the UNconvention. To reserve your chance to participate, do so by registering on our website as soon as possible.