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04 June 2012

InnoPitch – European Young Innovators of the Year 2012 – Announcement of the finalists!

Dear young innovators, The first edition of the InnoPitch series  revealed extraordinary young innovators and the huge potential that Europe has. We are grateful for that. We would like to thank everyone for their work and efforts put in preparing the applications. We are overwhelmed by the high interest which is a great start to the InnoPitch and the European Young Innovator of the Years Award series, indeed a start of a brand new European tradition.

After a long and rigorous evaluation process we are now happy to announce the 6 finalists who will have the opportunity to present their ideas in front of a prestigious panel of judges and audience. We would like first of all to take the opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding in waiting for this final announcement.

The evaluation process consisted of several rounds of analysis and grading done individually by each of the EYIF Judges panel. The EYIF Judges panel then convened to reassess each others scoring and establish the short-listed candidates. The evaluation of their applications became subject to a new round of consolidation, review and challenge, which concluded in some cases with additional Skype interview calls for taking the decision on the 6 finalists.

The panel made sure that during the evaluation process all the criteria were evenly applied and the different perceptions of each judge came into alignment. The evaluation criteria were the ones announced on the EYIF website at the launching of the InnoPitch:

  1. Creative, well-structured and convincing video message (10 points)
  2. Creative, well-structured and convincing power-point presentation (10 points)
  3. Number of questions convincingly answered (up to 10 points per question – 50 max)
  4. Good knowledge of how the market works specific to his/her business functions (10 points)
  5. Clear understanding of the outcomes: how his/her future product/service will benefit society/Europe/the world (10 points)

The finalists selected through the competition are:

Dr. Tamas Haidegger, 29, BME/ ACMIT/ Clariton Ltd., Hungary

Mr. João Romão, 23, Wishareit, Portugal

Mr. Martin Van Aken, 35, 8th color, Belgium

Dr. Matteo Tangi, 25, UP-LAB, Italy

Mr. Lars Sudmann, 35, Sudmann & Company / Teambuil.dr, Germany

Dr Josep Virgili, 23, RedEddy, Spain

The two alternates are :

Mr Lavinius Marcu, 29, Pricing Agent, Romania

Ms. Ana Gisela Madruga, 29, Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal

Congratulations to the selected finalists and best of luck in presenting their innovative business ideas on the 26th of June. We are confident that the prestigious European Young Innovators of the Year Awards will boost Europe’s young talent with the confidence it deserves and will serve to pave their way towards success. We also want to congratulate all applicants for their impressive entrepreneurial initiatives and encourage them in pursuing further their projects and stay tuned for future calls. We are looking forward to the big day. In the meantime, stay tuned, stay connected and keep innovating!

Yours, The EYIF Team

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