Innovation at Unconvention
14 June 2012

Innovation and entrepreneurship for a smarter planet-keynote by Harry van Dorenmalen, Chairman IBM, on the 26th of June at the UNconvention

The UNconvention will bring in front of you Mr van Dorenmalen, chairman of IBM Europe, who strives to encourage younger generations to bring forward new ideas for a Smarter Planet and Smarter Cities, through innovation and entrepreneurship. In anticipation of this exciting keynote, we take this opportunity to introduce to you a couple of technological breakthroughs which address two contemporary concerns of large scale: Big Data Analytics and energy consumption savings. IBM in collaboration with ASTRON is taking the concept of Big Data Analytics to an unprecedented extreme through the new $33 million project called DOME. In short, the 5 year project strives at developing the Exascale computer systems which are required to operate the world’s largest radio telescope, SKA. This technology will enable to perform the most exhaustive search of the origins of the universe seen to date. The biggest challenge of the project at the moment is to solve the issue of the unimaginable amount of processing power needed by SKA to be operational, which scientists estimate to be equal to several millions of today’s fastest computers. In parallel, IBM is striving to offer a reliable solution to one of the most urgent issues of our modern world: that is the need to reduce energy consumption. The project Smart Meters is currently under development in the UK and it offers an answer to problems such as cutting carbon emissions and bridging the energy gap. Even though the need for alternative energy resources remains at bay, the smart meters are an immediate and cost effective strategy for helping consumers to use less and the energy industry to reduce its emissions. Anticipated savings average 14% on electricity and 9% on gas – that’s around £200 a year for an average household in theUK.

Find out more about the fascinating innovations in technology which will help us build the world of tomorrow and contribute with your own fresh ideas at the UNconvention, 26-27th of June.