07 October 2013

European Youth Event 2014

EYE 2014 announcment

EYIF is thrilled to collaborate with the European Parliament as one of a few  main partners on an exciting new project: the 2014 European Youth Event! The EYE will take place from 9 to 11 May 2014 at the European Parliament seat in Strasbourg, France. Putting to use Parliament’s key role as a forum for discussion, the event will welcome 5,000 young between the ages of 16 and 30 from all 28 Member States to discuss issues facing the future of the European Union. With the motto “Ideas for a Better Europe,” the event will give participants the opportunity to meet with policy-makers, legislators, industry and cultural leaders. Sessions held over the three-day event will be aimed at the exploration of these five topics:

1) Youth Unemployment: New perspectives for a blocked generation 2) Digital Revolution: The future of the Internet 3) Future of the European Union: Europe in transition 4) Sustainability: New European lifestyle  — sustainable business and living 5) European Values: Global player  — fair player?

As a main partner of the event, EYIF will organise  5 main thematic workshops on Digital Revolution with 16 high -level speakers from the EU and US.

1) Hands-on Innovation An opportunity to meet and collaborate on current ideas and projects with other participants in workshop. 2) Smart Cities: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges A young innovators guide on entering this diverse and lucrative new field with industry experts. 3) Big and Open Data A chance to hear from experienced speakers on finding innovative solutions in this complex tech field. 4) Broader Aspects A key session on how young entrepreneurs can create an innovation ecosystem, grow and have an impact on the world and economy. 5) Innovation Through Digital Revolution: a Riposte to Youth Unemployment Hear from industry leader on creating digital employment and network with other like-minded participants.

For more information or to register for the event now visit: http://bit.ly/1bubXCr