26 May 2014

Don’t miss this: our weekly reading, delivered

innovation 23

Spent a busy week? Grab a coffee and catch up on what’s going on in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Here is our weekly reading, with the best writing that caught our eye during last week.
  • Wired knows how to do it. Peter Rubin profiles founder Palmer Luckey in The Inside Story of Oculus Rift and How Virtual Reality Became Reality, with insights in the company, their Kickstarter campaign and Facebook acquisition. Really good read.
  • Have you heard about Homejoy? This Startup Launched in 30 cities in 6 months and Here’s how they did it. “Homejoy was founded to bring this type of speed and scale to the house cleaning business. In just over six months, the company expanded into over 30 U.S. and Canadian cities, and it just established a new headquarters in London to spread into Europe. As more companies like Uber, Postmates, and Airbnb grow their footprints from city to city and employ people outside the tech economy, developing best practices has become mission critical”. If you’re launching a startup, read this: there’s a lot of knowledge in how they did it.
  • Coming back to Europe! Spotify is one of the most interesting european tech companies. Here’s an interview and an inside look of what’s going on these days in their headquarters in Stockholm by tech.eu. And here, an article by The Guardian on the challenges that streamting music services are facing these days: “winning over artists, going mainstream, turning a profit, facing big-tech competition and (perhaps) going beyond music”