01 June 2014

Don’t miss this: EYIF weekly tech update!


Spent a busy week? Grab a coffee and catch up on what’s going on in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Here is our weekly reading, with the best writing that caught our eye during last week. And Don’t forget to pre-register for prime innovation event, UnConvention 2014!
  • On self driving cars. Earlier this week Google showed off a new driverless vehicle prototype. “The vehicles will be very basic – we want to learn from them and adapt them as quickly as possible – but they will take you where you want to go at the push of a button”, the company writes in the announcement post. The Atlantic took a step forward and wrote about the liguistic change that might happen in the future. by comparing this innovation to the the computer. “A computer was once a human who computed; how long until “a driver” is a machine that drives?”
  • On bookshops. Too often we forget that innovation happens in the non-tech world as well. Ever thought about the bookshops and how do they adapt to the digital age? “Curious to explore this territory, we asked four leading architecture and design practices to create a shop. Specifically, in the age of Amazon and e-books, a bookshop to save bookshops. Traditional bookselling has been hit particularly hard by the shift to online shopping”. And Intelligent Life magazine came with this article: Let’s reinvent the bookshop.
  • On women in tech. “After fostering some of the biggest names in technology – and growing wealthy in the process – she is now trying to help people live better with a new health initiative”. Meet Esther Dyson, a digital visionary and one of the most women influential in technology, “breaking through tech’s glass ceiling”.