12 June 2014

June 13th, Innovation Weekly Digest

morning coffee

Had a busy start of the week? Grab a coffee and catch up on what’s going on in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Here is our weekly reading, with the best writing that caught our eye during last week.

  • On Apple. Hundreds of developers gathered at the annual Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. The company presented a new programming language (Swift) as well as new ecosystems around its operating systems (think of HomeKit and HealthKit). Innovations aside, if Apple as a company does one thing well it is communicate. So that is what we liked The Verge’s report on WWDC, “Meet the New Apple”. Joshua Topolsky writes: “It was the core of Apple’s new message: how can we help you?

  • On Health 2.0. “From fertility-tracking apps to smart toothbrushes, startups are tackling all areas of the healthcare spectrum”. Health is one of Europe’s strategic priorities and there are health startups proliferating across the continent. Meet them in this list by

  • On investors. Want to know more about investment firms? “If the partners start arguing about your pitch, you’re probably doing pretty well. That means they are intrigued enough to be grinding the details”, writes Newsweek. Read the whole story here: How Greylock Partners Finds the Next Facebook.