Weekly Digest
23 June 2014

June 23rd, Weekly Digest


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On European startups. Celebrated this week, The Europas Awards honour the best tech startups in Europe. Tech.eu listed all the winners and categories and wrote some reflections on why they think they won. If you want a quick and comprehensive approach to what is going on in our european startup ecosystem, just click the link: Is this the best Europe can do? The Europas 2014 – who won, and why.

On mobile payments (in Kenya). Business Week contributor Charles Graeber traveled to Nairobi to understand why Kenya has gained a reputation as the mobile payments future. He also spoke to kenyan entrepreneurs and startups. So we believe Ten Days in Kenya With No Cash, Only a Phone it’s worth a read.

On football (and innovation). World Cup times. ‘Isn’t this an entrepreneurship digest?’, you may ask. Calm down. This week we are delighted to share Slate’s How Spain Succumbed to the Innovator’s Dilemma, an outstanding analysis on the spanish team downfall in Brazil from an innovation perspective. Its coach relied on the existing model and failed, just like business that fall in the innovator’s dilemma or, applied to business, how “successful incumbents are vulnerable to disruption by smaller rivals because reliance on their existing business models led them to ignore new technologies”.