03 June 2014

Startup Europe Roadshow: successfully highlighteing innovation and entrepreneurial success in Europe

Startup Europe Roadshow
The European Commission and the European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF) are proud to announce that the Startup Europe Roadshow has become a panEuropean success with more than 300 participants across 6 countries and 2.5 million social media impressions.                                                            

The Roadshow has visited six European cities till date: Poznan, Paris, Berlin, Olomouc, Athens, Madrid and will be followed by Bucharest (June 18th), London (June 20th), Lisbon (July 10th) and Budapest (September 12th). The outcomes will be discussed at the final, 11th workshop in Brussels, at the Young Innovators Unconvention on 24th September. The Roadshow has successfully highlighted innovation and entrepreneurial success in Europe by identifying and presenting successful young ICT and digital entrepreneurs role models that students and young entrepreneurs can relate to.

Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes said: “I am very proud to see that the Roadshow’s message has echoed throughout Europe. It is heartening that European youth are willing to innovate and take on the entrepreneurial journey with guidance and support from their role models. It is high-time for Europe to realise and release the full potential of youth.”

During the Roadshow, young aspiring entrepreneurs between 16-30 years old interact and are mentored by role-models – young ICT entrepreneurs who share their success stories, as part of efforts to make Europe’s start-up environment more dynamic and less risk averse. Participants are students and aspiring entrepreneurs who have a business idea or plan to undertake an entrepreneurial career in the future. The participants benefit from first-hand mentoring by exchanging ideas with their role-models. The Role-models’ prime message to the youth is that they should try and not be afraid to fail.  More than 300 participants had a chance to meet outstanding young accomplished entrepreneurs who represent true role-models to the aspiring youth. Over twenty European role-models shared their experience, including Julia Bösch of Outfittery, an empowered female entrepreneur who gives a strong voice to the new generations and Frédéric Mazzella, founder of created Bla Bla Ca, which serves to the benefit of millions of Europeans! 

Each workshop also includes a special training session focusing on funding opportunities for young digital entrepreneurs and startups in Europe as part of the Horizon 2020 programme and StartUp Europe framework. Workshops are organised in close collaboration with EYIF innovation hubs in respective countries. 

The Roadshow communication campaign has engaged with an audience of young entrepreneurs and business hopefuls through social media using the #StartUpShow hashtag. We have managed to raise awareness about ICT based entrepreneurial possibilities and to offer a fresh and realistic picture of entrepreneurship as an option, to European youth. The Startup Europe role models’ success startup stories are promoted along with photos, videos and pre and post workshop reporting.

We are looking forward to seeing even more young people willing to undertake the entrepreneurial path at the Roadshow.

Startup Europe

Startup Europe is the Digital Agenda initiative advocating for ICT and web entrepreneurship in Europe. Presented by the Vice-president of the European Commission in charge of the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, Startup Manifesto has received a broad public support. Startup Europe calls for entrepreneurs to start their digital businesses in Europe and to be bold and risk by taking a path of entrepreneurship. Startup Europe is the umbrella terms for five other initiatives under the Commission’s Digital Agenda: The Accelerator Assembly, the European Crowd funding Network, the Web Investors Forum,the Leaders Club, the Startup Europe Partnership.

European Young innovators Forum (EYIF)

The European Young Innovators Forum is an independent, non-profit, pan-European, bottom-up association dedicated to promoting youth innovation. EYIF has rapidly become the leading foundation for youth innovation in Europe reaching more than 500 000 participants across all EU member states. EYIF gives a voice to a community of young innovators and experts who believe in taking risks, changing mindsets for innovation and valuing shared ideas and professional mentorship.

EYIF has announced 2014 as #InnoYear Europe, a year devoted to youth innovation and entrepreneurship that will stimulate new growth and jobs, driving economic recovery. It is time for decisive action and significant new opportunities to empower young people to be more innovative and entrepreneurial and to start their ICT businesses helping Europe to become a flourishing startup continent. The StartUp Europe Roadshow is one of the initiatives of #InnoYear Europe.

Further information is available at: www.eyif.eu Follow us on Twitter @EYIF

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