Europioneers 2014
29 July 2014

Europioneers 2014: Your Award?


Are you  European Web Entrepreneur of the Year?

Since 2013, Europe has recognized the web entrepreneurial talent, and expressed its approval for successful  web initiatives. Through the “Europioneers Award 2014”, indeed, The European Commission celebrates Europe’s finest technology entrepreneurs. This prestigious technology award is the unique opportunity to achieve visibility in the large – scale digital business. “Tech entrepreneurs are the secret ingredient to innovate Europe out of crisis. The amazing and inspiring finalists for Europioneers fill me with a lot of hope: Europe has what it takes to succeed,” – said European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes, during the first event’s edition.

Last year, Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss won the prize for the best European Entrepreneurs, proving to the jury of Tech experts how  considerable was their dedication to the online field.The founders of Soundcloud, an online audio distribution platform based in Berlin, that enables its users to upload, record, publicized and share their originally-created sounds, have promoted, with their activities, the role of web entrepreneurs in European society.During the Awards ceremony,  the public voting  and the panel of judges of  tech illuminati, also honored Jon Reynolds with the Young European Entrepreneur award. This young brilliant businessman, at the age of 22, has founded his based -London company,  the Swiftkey. Swiftkey is an input method for Android devices such as smartphones and tablets, able to use a blend of artificial intelligence technologies. Moreover, it can predict the next word the user intends to type. As Europioneers’ winners, Ljung, Wahlforss and Reynolds, have become a source of inspiration for potential entrepreneurs. Congratulating them, Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes said: “SoundCloud and SwiftKey destroy the myth that all good ideas start and end in Silicon Valley. These companies have great futures in Europe, and they show us that it’s sexy and enriching to be your own boss, to create your own job.”The creators of Soundcloud have made the difference in our contemporary entrepreneurial scene: the goal of the company is to democratise music online – for it to be more than just a listening experience!. “You feel really connected”– explained Ljung.

Founded in 2008, the Soundcloud Platform, in July 2013, counted about 40 million registered users and 200 million listeners!According Ryan Mac, journalist for “Forbes Magazine”, Soundcloud “moves to become the Youtube of audio”.Under Ljung and Wahlforss leadership, SoundCloud has quickly gained a reputation for being the number one platform available for audio creators to share, broadcast, track and promote their sounds.In the last year, the german company has been growing more and more.

After receiving the triumph at the Europioneers award, an increasingly number of international Stars, has begun to interact with their fans and shared their tracks with the world, using Soundcloud.In 2014, Rolling Stone Magazine, put Alexander Ljung at the 22th position of the  “50 most important people in European Dance Music” rank. “it’s impossible to imagine EDM’s rise without the instant streaming (and easy downloading) that the platform made possible.”– reported the magazine. Like Alexander and Eric, Jon Reynolds has been appreciated for his efforts in driving innovation and changing communities and industries: the Swiftkey mission, in fact, is to build technology that makes it easy for everyone to create and communicate on mobile. Since going free back in June, SwiftKey has seen a 54 percent boost in monthly users, something that just wouldn’t have happened at this point in its life if it had kept the paid-only model around. The huge number of customers emphasizes the enormous appreciation of the public. Today, Jon and his team try to refine the services that Swiftkey can offer! “These technologies are solving problems that simply couldn’t be solved 10 years ago” – underlined Reynolds during an interview.

That’s why, “Europioneers”, being conscious of the immense impact that web companies have on worldwide economy, supports the most dynamic and influential digital project!If Innovation is the key of your business, don’t miss the chance to be one of the nominees: submit your application here and find out how innovative could be your company! Clicking can change your life: let you be inspired by Alexander’s, Eric’s and Jon’s courage! As the past winners of the contest, you could share your ambitious proposal with the European scene and measure the innovation’s level of your idea! Furthermore, this year the European Commission has added two categories:  High Growth Web Entrepreneur and Female Web Entrepreneur Awards! What are you waiting for? With these new categories you also have more opportunities to participate at the event! You could submit your nomination until the 31st August! On the 26th of September, at the UnConvention 2014, we’ll discover the list of the finalists that could become the next web entrepreneurs of the year, but only the 3rd of November we find out the names of the winners! Join us at the European celebration of the most extraordinary entrepreneurial talents: measure how competitive could be your innovation, by taking part at the event! Don’t be shy: the power of your imagination and Knowledge can help us to improve our society!