UnConv14 Innovation
19 August 2014

August 19th, EYIF Innovation Weekly Digest

On European successes.“Really, so the only European tech companies you know are Skype and Spotify? Here’s another 120 for you”. Bam. Tech.eu provides a comprehensive story on what’s going on in Europe these days.

On e-commerce and startups. “From starting at their kitchen table with an initial £200 investment, the Whites have seen their fancy dress, children’s accessories and gifts business grow so much through eBay that they are opening a bigger warehouse next month and made a turnover of £1.4m last year”. Impressive, isn’t it? It’s one of the stories emerged from eBay. 15 years of the platform have seen the birth of new startups taking advantage of the e-commerce platform. The Guardian reviews their stories.

On… liking everything on Facebook. Here is a curious experiment by Wired. A writer liked everything he saw on Facebook for 48 hours. “I like everything. Or at least I did, for 48 hours. Literally everything Facebook sent my way, I liked—even if I hated it. I decided to embark on a campaign of conscious liking, to see how it would affect what Facebook showed me. I know this sounds like a stunt (and it was) but it was also genuinely just an open-ended experiment. I wasn’t sure how long I’d keep it up (48 hours was all I could stand) or what I’d learn (possibly nothing.)”. Read what happened here.