UnConv14 Innovation
25 August 2014

August 25th, EYIF Innovation Weekly Digest

On women in tech. Why are there so few women in tech industry? In addition to our latest blogpost, here is another view on the problem, highlighted by Techcrunch.“Pretending that it’s only a pipeline problem does no one any favors. Please stop saying that. It’s not true. What’s more, the trapdoor problem is one we can collectively work on without having to wait for a new generation to filter through; and the first step towards solving any problem is admitting that it exists”

On events. Let’s go for a practical one, given the fact that September is almost here and you might one to start it by hosting an event for your company. “Events, when done right, are a successful technique for marketing, engagement and networking. Bigger isn’t always better, even when you have the budget. What’s most important is spending your event budget on what will make the strongest impact conveying your message to the audience you need”. Entrepreneur gives you some tips.

On predicting the future. In 1987. Here’s how Apple thought it was going to be. Enjoy.