Europioneers Application
13 August 2014

Benefits of Becoming a Web Entrepreneur

Think you know THE WEB ENTREPRENEUR OF 2014? Apply or nominate Europioneers now!

The European Commission defines Web entrepreneurship as being on the supply side of the businesses. Web entrepreneurs constitute a specific category who create new digital services and products that use the web as an indispensable component. The digital industry is continuously growing and creating new job placements, but not only web entrepreneurship is good in terms of employment, but it also has an important transformational and cross-border impact on the society and economy.

Currently one third of new startups are web startups in Europe, which demonstrates the efforts Europe is making to boost innovation and entrepreneurship are being successful. But why so many web-based startups? Basically because of the cheaper set-up costs and low entry barriers; it is a relatively easy way to start an entrepreneurial career. However, if any startup is characterized by its high risk of failure, web startups have it even higher. The good side is that you don’t lose much by trying, as the investment is much lower than in a traditional business. Web startups tend to succeed or fail faster than other type of businesses; this means higher risks, but also higher potential rewards.

A successful case of web entrepreneurship is Skyscanner’s CEO and co-founder, Gareth William’s. Pursuing his love of code, he went on to study mathematics and computing at Manchester University, where he met Bonamy Grimes and Barry Smith (Skyscanner co-founders).

Gareth’s vision was to create a single website that could collect, collate and compare prices for every commercial flight in the world. From a simple excel spreadsheet, Skyscanner was born. The project grew and there were thousands of people using the prototype site every day, that’s when the three founders realised they were on to something and gave up the day jobs.

Opening an office in Edinburgh, the Skyscanner site was officially launched in 2001. The company grew to become the number one flight search engine in Europe, and in 2011 a Singapore office was opened to help grow Skyscanner in the Asia-Pacific market. Skyscanner now operates worldwide with offices in the UK, Singapore, Beijing, Miami and Barcelona and they offer travel searches in more than 30 different languages. Skyscanner is the travel site of choice for independent travellers all over the world, reaching 25 million unique visitors every month.

If you are like Gareth, then you can’t miss the Europioneers awards, a.k.a the place where the best Web Entrepreneurs meet and the best web entrepreneurs of Europe are awarded. Nominate someone or apply yourself in one of the 4 different awards categories:

  • Web entrepreneur of the year “Award”
  • Young web entrepreneur of the year “Youth Award”
  • High Growth web entrepreneur of the year “Gazelle Award”
  • Female web entrepreneur of the year “Women Award”

Check the requirements for each category and apply before August 31st.

To become the winner of Europioneers awards there are three stages: a nomination round, a public voting round and at the end the jury will decide on the actual winner. From EYIF we wish you the best of luck!