Weekly Digest
01 September 2014

September 1st, EYIF Innovation Weekly Digest

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On making an app. One of our upcoming events will be about product design, and we think stories written by people who actually design products are valuable for entrepreneurs. The Guardian has an App Story series: this week, they feature an editorial app based on a poet’s work. “While I appreciated the portability of an e-book”, the founder says, “I felt that such powerful and moving words could be so much better delivered if more use was made of the interactivity offered by devices such as iPads”. Ready the whole story, and series, here.

On Lyft. Another startup article to go: Lyft! “Prior to creating Lyft as part of a hack-day project, the twenty-something, first-time entrepreneurs had spent five years building Zimride, a carpooling service designed to help university students share rides back home during the holidays”. And this is how the story of the fast growth transport company begins. By Techcrunch.

On the rise and fall of Motorola’s business. And just if you feel more like big, old companies and telecommunications industry, here’s the picture of Motorola and how “a culture shift nearly doomed an iconic local company that once dominated the telecom industry”. On Chicago Magazine.