Neelie Kroes at EYIF about Europe
10 October 2014

“Let’s Disrupt Europe, we need it!”

Neelie Kroes at the Young Innovators Unconvention: “Let’s Disrupt Europe, we need it!” Neelie Kroes delivered her last speech to European startups at Unconvention 2014organized by European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF). She sent a simple but strong message: “Lets disrupt Europe, we need it!”. The theme of the Unconvention this year is “Embrace failure, celebrate success”. Neelie Kroes acknowledged the important role which EYIF plays in promoting and developing European youth entrepreneurship and innovation. She encouraged EYIF to continue its efforts and be at the forefront of this movement.

“Together with European Young Innovators Forum we have organized Startup Europe Roadshow, an unique project that connects aspiring young entrepreneurs with those who already made it. Over 500 startups in the making came to meet more than 40 accomplished role-models in 9 European cities. The Roadshow visited Poznan, Paris, Berlin, Olomouc, Athens, Madrid, Lisbon, Bucharest and Budapest.”said the Vice-President of the European Commission for the Digital Agenda.

“Neelie Kroes was one of the first supporters of EYIF. She was with us when we launched it in 2010. What she has done for the StartUp community in Europe has been fundamental. We are expecting that her successors continue in this path. We are ready to bring the European innovation community behind them to disrupt Europe in the 5 years to come” said Kumardev Chatterjee, Founder and President of the European Young Innovators Forum.

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About EYIF

The European Young Innovators Forum is an independent, non-profit, pan-European, bottom-up association dedicated to promoting youth innovation. EYIF has rapidly become the leading foundation for youth innovation in Europe reaching more than 500 000 participants across all EU member states. EYIF gives a voice to a community of young innovators and experts who believe in taking risks, changing mindsets for innovation and valuing shared ideas and professional mentorship. EYIF has announced 2014 as #InnoYear Europe, a year devoted to youth innovation and entrepreneurship that will stimulate new growth and jobs, driving economic recovery. It is time for decisive action and significant new opportunities to empower young people to be more innovative and entrepreneurial and to start their ICT businesses helping Europe to become a flourishing startup continent. The StartUp Europe Roadshow is one of the initiatives of #InnoYear Europe.