Hack for Big Choices
20 October 2014

Success Story of Aurora Chisté – Hack for Big Choices

1) Can you give a brief description of what your company does?

Hack for Big Choices is a worldwide movement empowering people to solve local problems related to healthcare, design & technology, and education. We  believe that change occurs when individuals come together and make the Big  choice to use their talent, passion, and experience to solve real problems affecting them, and their communities. Transformation is an incremental process, so we encourage the participation of every individual, at every skill  level, to push the world in the right direction. The sum of such parts, will  always lead to a greater whole. Through a series of events and hackathons  around the world we provide the opportunity for the next generation of dreamers to come together, hope, and execute to have an impact on their neighborhoods, their cities, their countries, and their planet. Hack for Big  Choices is a non-profit 501c3 organization based in San Francisco, acting globally and driven by volunteers.

2) How did you come up with the idea behind your company?

We hope to promote the culture of innovation to ignite the global community of doers to make big choices and tackle real problems in their communities. My first BIG step was to build a platform designated to perpetuate change. I live in the Sillicon Valley, so naturally I think about utilizing technology as a catalyst. Thus, Hack for Big Choices was born. It’s simple. 1. a call for ACTION: calling for people to change the world, 2. an integrated software SOLUTION: give problem solvers access to experts; and connect them to like-minded people and 3. options for CHANGE: start a focused challenge-three ares from which problems can be selected. We are seeing a surge of enthusiasm as Hack for Big Choices ignites the global community of leaders to produce actionable solutions to the big problems facing our society. 

3) What difficulties did you face getting your business started? 

Change takes time and effort and finding the right people for that change and building a community required much effort.

4) If you were starting again, is there anything you would do differently?
Engage earlier this new generation of young professionals.

5) What advice would you give to a recent ICT graduate who is thinking of starting their own company?

You have a choice for dedication of applying your talent and passion towards improving people’s lives. Use it.