Disrupt Europe Year and the Euromentors for Digital Entrepreneurs Launch
19 November 2014

Disrupt Europe Year and the Euromentors for Digital Entrepreneurs Launch

Disrupt Europe Year and the Euromentors Association for Digital Entrepreneurs and were launched yesterday at the European Parliament. With more than 200 people registered and a great online engagement we have launched the year that will boost the European youth entrepreneurship and innovation. It was the only EU event during the Global Entrepreneurship Week. The Vice-President of the European Commission, Andrus Ansip could not make it but he encouraged the Disrupt Europe Year vision in his latest blog. Tune in discussion with #DisruptEuropeYear.

“Why do we want Disrupt Europe Year?” – asked Kumardev Chatterjee, Founder and President of EYIF. The answer is the will to change the European mindset and improve the European innovation performance. Europe needs to see innovation and entrepreneurship in a new way and through main actions as setting up innovators networks, improving the innovation in the member States and supporting risk taking. Renato Soru and Eva Paunova, both Members of the European Parliament, stressed the necessity to invest in the net, education and digital innovation. According to Soru, everything has to be considered digital in this world and everybody has to think digitally. This is the only way to create an ecosystem. Eva Paunova went beyond asking a greater support also from the national governtments. National leaders – she concluded – have to invest in digital skills and increase their actions having more courage. EYIF Co-Founder and Vice President, Nicholas Zylberglajt who led the discussion all along, concluded the event and invited everybody to join #DisruptEuropeYear.


Disrupt Europe Year aims to disrupt the way Europe thinks startups and digital entrepreneurship. Founder and President of EYIF, Kumardev Chatterjee has outlined Disrupt Europe vision in a chapter for the EU Digital Minds for New Europe book together with Erich Schmidt, Martha Lane Fox and others.

The Euromentors launch started with Jana Vecerkova, EYIF Director introducing the panel. Kumardev Chatterjee stressed that the purpose of the association is to raise the visibility of European businesses and entrepreneurs that offer new digital products and thrive through the intelligent use of novel digital technologies setting up a European mentoring ecosystem.

Antti Peltomäki the Deputy Director General of DG Enterprise and Industry highlighted, in his keynote, the digital gap between the U.S. and Europe and the necessity to reduce it encouraging investment plans, enterprises programs and small business in order to foster European growth and employment. He stressed that Euomentors is funded and supported by the European Commission because they believe in young people and in the power of mentoring.

The digital gap between the U.S. and Europe is a topic that Patrick Vlaskovists, New York Times Bestselling Author explored as well. According to him, U.S. entrepreneurship culture is more developed than the European one, especially because of the lack of mutual support among entrepreneurs. This is a cause of the European economic issues and that is why the objective to create a mentoring ecosystem is very important, since it is a fundamental instrument to share and growth ideas.

Beta-i and Tetuan Valley representatives, Tiago Pinto and Carmen Bermejo that that the Euromentors Association’s success essentially depends on two things: the matching system between entrepreneurs and mentors, that has to be perfect; and the quality of the support, that needs to be high so as the entrepreneurs can win their challenges. Step by step – Robert Sanders said – is the way to start the activities and the first one, necessarily, implicates the online registration! Vincent Fosty from Deloitte stressed the importance of starting from on high and understanding what members have in common in order to support the projects more efficiently.