Innovation Roundtable
20 November 2014

Innovation Roundtable Conclusions

What are the main remaining ideas after Disrupt Europe Year and Euromentors Association launch on Tuesday? Nicholas Zylberglajt, Vice President and Co-Founder of EYIF has outlined seven main points:

  • Great satisfaction to see that VP Ansip will continue the promotion Neelie Kroes’ efforts to support the startups community, entrepreneurial spirit and digital thinking. EYIF is ready to bring the community behind him.

  • Promotion of entrepreneurial spirit and culture through European role models, awareness campaigns and Pan-European initiatives. We need to celebrate European success.

  • Mentoring is fundamental to support the entrepreneurial community, it needs support at EU level.

  • Importance of innovation visits for entrepreneurs to key innovation centers to discover the culture behind major successful ecosystems, such as Silicon Valley or Tel Aviv.

  • Need to invest in ICT infrastructure, i.e ultra-high speed internet, is key: this will facilitate innovation and be the comparative advantage of Europe with its main competitors.

  • Risk-capital needs to support innovation and entrepreneurship through a better access to funding, so European StartUps can grow and scale.

  • E-skills are the basis to ensure a sustainable change not for 2, but for 30 years in Europe.

Let’s keep these ideas in mind to Disrupt Europe together!