Disrupt Europe Year
18 November 2014

PRESS RELEASE: Disrupt Europe Year Starts Today

Brussels, November 18th – The Disrupt Europe Year will be launched today at the European Parliament at 6pm. MEPs Renato Soru and Eva Paunova, Maximilian Strotmann from the Commissioner’s Ansip cabinet, New York Times Bestselling Author, Patrick Vlaskovits and EYIF will launch a Year which will change the way Europe thinks youth entrepreneurship and startups. The Euromentors Association for Digital Entrepreneurs will be also launched as the first initiative under the umbrella of Disrupt Europe Year.

EYIF’s Disrupt Europe Year vision supports startups, particularly the digital ones, and entrepreneurs. It was outlined by Founder and President of EYIF, Kumardev Chatterjee in EU Digital Minds for New Europe that puts together 45 world’s digital thought leaders.

Disrupt Europe Year goals aim to create and sustain a vibrant digital start-up economy in Europe that generates 10.000 new startups a year and 250.000 jobs, with 2.5% of the job market covered by them and 9.5% of total European GDP from their economic activity (including exits). This is the vision the EYIF will uphold in all of our projects and policy talks.

Euromentors is the first initiative in Disrupt Europe Year, funded by the European Commission and managed by EYIF, European Business and Innovation Centre Network and Deloitte. It will set up a pan-European mentoring ecosystem to help spark, support and expand new business ideas and fuel Digital Entrepreneurship in Europe. The Association will be chaired by EYIF and will include in its Governing Board top European organizations and EYIF Innovation Hubs such as StartUp Britain, Beta-i, Tetuan Valley, StartUp 42.

It is time to disrupt Europe. Digitally first, starting with Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A Europe that puts digital first will be a Europe that changes the game when it comes to innovation and leadership, boosting prosperity, to be a Europe that works for its citizens and one that they can  believe in.” said Kumardev Chatterjee, EYIF Founder & President and future Chair of the Association.


NB: The European Young Innovators Forum is an independent, non-profit, pan-European, bottom-up association dedicated to promoting youth innovation. EYIF has rapidly become the leading foundation for youth innovation in Europe reaching more than 500 000 participants across all EU member states. EYIF gives a voice to a community of young innovators and experts who believe in taking risks, changing mindsets for innovation and valuing shared ideas and professional mentorship.
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NB: Disrupt Europe Year is related to the Digital Minds Chapter from Kumardev Chatterjee and is in no way related to the Tech Conference & Brand organised by TechCrunch Europe.

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