22 January 2015

InnoApps Hackathon Final: Meet the Team 1


InnoApps Hackathon Final is coming in two weeks! Are you ready to witness this unique competition and meet brightest young developers coming in Brussels to pitch their smart cities apps? To get you more involved in the upcoming final, we start introducing the 6 combined teams of European & Chinese coders that will share 35 000 EUR in prizes. Join us on February 4th.

Here is the first team: Levente Slajchó and Jingyan Zhao, a great mix of experience and creativity.

levente slajchoLevente Slajchó

Levante was born in 1997 in Zirc, Hungary. He is a student at Lovassy László Gimnázium (High School) where he is improving his programming experience. Levente applied for InnoApps Hackathon so he could use his skills to help the society (citizens, children, adults, tourists, etc.) through new apps.

photo-Zhao JingyanJingyan Zhao

Jingyan is 22 years old and comes from Tianjin. Finance student at Tianjin University in her opinion, she thinks that the InnoApps Hackathon is the place for young people to pitch ideas, join a team and design a new smart city app.


Come to InnoApps Hackathon Final and see Levente and Jingyan pitching their smart cities apps on Feb 4th!