25 January 2015

InnoApps Hackathon Final: Meet the Team 3!

Feb 4th. is around the corner and 6 combined teams of European & Chinese young developers are ready to code and pitch their smart cities app at InnoApps Hackathon Final! In the meantime, coders are getting to know each other, attend webinars and develop their ideas before they get down to coding. Do you want to know more about them? Follow our blog, discover who they are and join us on Feb 4th! Register here

Here is another great team, mix of Android and technology knowledge, composed of Dawid Cieslak and Yanzhong Li.


dawid cieslakDawid Cieslak

Dawid is 21 years old and comes from Warsaw, Poland. Specialist in programming for mobile platforms, he applied for InnoApps to pitch his idea which aims to improve the way we communicate, building professional relations.

Yanzhong LiYanzhong Li

Li was born in 1992 and comes from Guangzhou. Currently intern at Uber, through InnoApps he wants to create a bridge to allow city people to relax and a chance to experience novelty.

Don’t miss this unique competition, come to meet Dawid and Li!