28 January 2015

InnoApps Hackathon Final: meet the Team 5!

logo_inno_app-300x77InnoApps Hackathon is getting closer and the teams  attending webinars and developing their ideas with the support of Pinch before they get down to coding! Today we will get to know more in detail the Team 5, composed of Irman Abdic and Jackie Wang. These young developers will work together to combine their passions in sound technology and cooking. Will this unique mix of interests lead them to victory?Come to InnoApps Final on Feb 4! 


Irman AbdicIrman Abdic

Irman comes from Munich and he is 28 years old. Master’s student at the Technical University of Munich, he applied for InnoApps to pitch his idea which aims to analyze sounds around us and create a value while recognizing various patterns in it.

Jackie Wang

 Jackie Wang 

Jackie is 20 years old and comes from Gulou District, Nanjing City. Currently student at Biomedical Engineering (Southeast University), he sees InnoApps as a way to use technology in order to change and improve our lives.

Come to InnoApps Hackathon Final and see Irman and Jackie pitching their smart cities apps on Feb 4th!