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10 February 2015

6 Reasons Why You Should Be at CeBIT


Inaugurated in 1970, CeBIT is a big computer expo and innovation fair. In fact, it is the biggest. In the world. It takes place every year, in the middle of March and for five days, in Hannover and this time we got great news that we would like to share with you: EYIF will bring a delegation of startups to give them access to mentors, investors and other founders.

Registration closes on February 20th and details to apply are below.

Why applying? Well, if you are a startup, CeBIT is a good opportunity and place to be for various reasons. Let’s have a look at them:

  • It survives. How many technology shows are in the world? Haven’t we reached a point in which there are just too many? It is interesting to see how CeBIT – remember: founded in 1970 – has survived even when technology, and the business and economy themselves, have changed a lot (like, really, a lot). “The answer to why CeBIT survives and the other big shows are gone is simple on the surface”, writes eWeek, a specialized technology publication. “The other big shows were afraid to change course from what they were originally founded for. They got big by showing what was once very hot technology. Then they kept adding more of the same. But when that technology stopped being hot, they lost their reason for existence and they didn’t make a determined effort to change”.

    In this edition, CeBIT will focus on cloud and big data, mobile, Internet of Everything, Security and Privacy and disruptive technologies. Which are just the rising and trending technologies of our days.

  • Scale 11 is meant to be for startups. Scale 11 is where the EYIF delegation will be located.  In other words, you will be able to showcase your product and company to potential investors and big companies that will be around at EYIF stand. We will also organize EU Funding workshops with European Commission designated expert, Kumardev Chatterjee, have live mentoring and much more. During last year edition, 10 % of the exhibitors were startups and over 100 venture capital groups showed up.
  • Europe knows it is the start-up momentum. We in EYIF have been saying – and promoting – it for a long time. “Start-ups are job creators”, recognise CeBIT organizers. “They generate 16.8 jobs on average over 32 months according to a key finding of Deutsche Startup Monitor (DSM). And they need capital in order to grow: in a 2014 study conducted by the German Start-ups Association, the 900 entrepreneurs surveyed estimated their total need for financing over the next 12 months at €650 million”. With this in mind, the big fair organises a special hall dedicated to start-ups so they can showcase and pitch their innovation.

  • And there is place for every sector. Are you a startup working in mobility? In e-health? In financial technology, the so-called fintech? There will be place for all these sectors and more: energy and smart home, mobility and automotive, digital health, industry 4.0 and media.

  • “It is an event organized by professionals, for professionals”, says F-Secure Corporation CEO in the program. CeBIT is not only about networking and access to investors opportunities. Its atmosphere is professional and, as the program notes, you will be able to discuss and see trends in what they call the “four core markets” in the digital industry: IT and telecommunications, digital media and consumer electronics. Join them and see where the business goes – and where the opportunities are.

  • The level of the speakers is really high. Apart from everything said before, CeBIT has a large conference program in this edition. As eWeek notes, the organization also focuses on this (it’s not only about business!). “Felzmann [senior vice president for CeBIT] said the show added a new set of conferences that focused on knowledge transfer rather than sales”. The journalist Glenn Greenwald, Xiaomi’s cofounder Yan Lida, Huawei’s president, Olivier Grémillon from Airbnb and the Taavet Hinrikus, cofounder of the fintech startup Transferwise are among the speakers.

How to apply?

As said, we offer you a chance to come to EU funding workshops, showcase your startup at EYIF stand and be mentored by the experts in the industry days: see more in this link and send to application. We will bring startups to the event – and the registration closes on February 20th