InnoApps Competition
23 February 2015

InnoApps: a Great Learning & Coding Experience

InnoApps winners were announced on February 4th. Today we are glad to share with you stories of young coders from all over Europe and China about their impressions about the competition, how they will use 35 000 EUR they won and about their hopes and dreams for the future!

Networking created by Dawid Cieślak from Warsaw in Poland and Li Yanzhong from Guangzhou in China, won the first place and 20 000 EUR. Both Dawid and Li were very excited and proud to have participated in such an international and important event like InnoApps. In their opinion, it was a fantastic experience that allowed them to exchange ideas and develop a project from beginning to end, taking also into consideration the business aspects. A great support, they said, was given by Pinch staff, that helped them correcting the app during the Hackathon, EYIF, that provided a mechanism to select the right teammate, and Huawei.

Dawid and Li looked very enthusiastic talking about their working experience together. “Working with Dawid was a great time”- said Li-”He’s very talented and skillful of programming and I learnt a lot from him!”. Dawid showed satisfaction as well: “Li and I are getting on very well. After setting up working plan at the beginning, we talked on Skype and WeChat very often. We comfortably talked about our problems, exchanged our ideas and opinions. When I met him in person I felt like I knew him for ages. We just have to continue this project in the coming months!”. Looking at the future, they are sure that the abilities they gained through InnoApps, including organization skills and self confidence, will be fundamental to pitch Cocoffe in the market, get funds from investors and eventually succeed.

The second prize went to Irman Abdic for his app Birdly, which will allow users to identify a bird by its song. Organization, professionalism, networking and friendships: according to Irman, these were the InnoApps key words. “It was a friendly environment where I could develop my app and a platform for meeting peers with same interests” he said. “At the same time, the hackathon was very impressive, especially because the teams were well-matched. Moreover, it was an honor working together with EYIF, Huawei and Pinch, and experiencing a top level collaboration!” What about the future? “I want to finalize the app, finding first customers and searching for additional investments! Winning this competition is also a responsibility. I got support and feedback. Now I have to show great application!”

Li Jiancheng from Beijing in China and Andrei-Tudor Diaconu from Romania came third. As the other teams, they also praised the quality of the collaboration with EYIF, Pinch and Huawei as well as the opportunity to meet new friends from different cultural environment. In particular, they saw InnoApps as a place for pitching ideas and making them come true. According to Li, “through InnoApps you can get many useful advices and training and, most of all, you can realise your dream learning and gaining a lot!” Regarding their next steps in relation to the app development, they agree that the prize will be used to improve the design and the marketing.

InnoApps is a joint project of EYIF and Huawei Europe with the support of Pinch.