Innoapps Finals
16 February 2015

#InnoApps Performs on Twitter!

InnoApps Final was held on 4 February! COCOFFEE won the competition! Young coders from all over Europe and China gathered for 2 days (2-3 Feb) in Brussels to code and then pitch their smart city apps in front of the judges. But what about social media? What was happening online during these 3 days of Hackathon? We bring you social media statistics powered by fantastic tool Brandwatch!

How many impressions #InnoApps had during 3 days?

On the day of InnoApps Final, 4 February, almost 2 million people!

chart_from_2 Feb_to_5 Feb_800px

Over 200 unique Twitter users tweeted #InnoApps!

chart_from_2 Feb_to_5 Feb_993pxHow many times #InnoApps was tweeted during these 3 days? OVER 500! Who did it and how many times?

export_from_2 Feb_to_5 Feb_2000px

 How many retweets #InnoApps received in 3 days. Over 400.

chart_from_2 Feb_to_5 Feb_2000pxWhat are the topics mentioned the most in #InnoApps tweets?

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 11.39.20 AM