Madalina Burghelea InnoPitch
24 June 2015

Meet our InnoPitch Finalist: DatoSphera

Madalina Burghelea is the founder of DatoSphera and she will present her business idea in front of EU investors and mentors next week, during Unconvention 2015.

About founder: Madalina Burghelea graduated from a Master specialised in BI technologies, having studied previously in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Portugal. She is currently teaching Big data technologies as part of the Master programmes of INSA Business Schools.

About DatoSpera:

Details: Founded in 2014, DatoSphera has an international team of six. Since its foundation, has joined Incubio Research, a startup incubator specialized in the creation of Big data projects. Datosphera’s aim is to increase European startups chances to survive in their market by automating competitive studies. The goal is to educate entrepreneurs about their competition, so they can learn from their competitor strengths and weaknesses and adjust their business strategy accordingly.

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