robin wauters
29 September 2015

Robin Wauters: a Plethora of Great Tech Entrepreneurs and Companies are Emerging out of Europe

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Robin Wauters is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief at since October 2013. Robin is a seasoned European technology journalist and founding editor of, a new digital publication dedicated to covering the EU tech industry in depth.

There are a plethora of great tech entrepreneurs and companies emerging out of Europe, but due to the fragmented nature of the region they are not always as internationally visible as they ought to be. Europioneers recognises the best founders out there, giving them the stage, audience and spotlight they deserve.

Robin was formerly the European Editor of The Next Web and before that a Senior Editor at TechCrunch (acquired by AOL in 2010) and Managing Editor of He started his career working as Internet Marketing Manager for IT company Hostbasket (acquired by Telenet) and later as Online Media Manager for Belgian ICT publisher Datanews / VNUnet (acquired by Roularta).

Robin occasionally serves as a startup Advisory Board Member – more specifically, he is currently a minor Shareholder / Advisor to Belgian startups such as Checkthis (Frontback), Maily, Showpad, Argus Labs and ARTPLUS.