16 October 2015

Europioneers: 4 million impressions reached during the Public Voting period!

This article originally appeared on http://europioneers.eu

Public Voting for Europioneers is over and it’s almost time for the Award Ceremony at the Slush Conference in Helsinki.

60 Europioneers coming from all over Europe were voted for during these days and we just can’t wait to find out who will be the winner for each category!

In the meanwhile, let’s take a look to the data we gathered from the while you were voting.

As already mentioned, Europioneers nominees come from different European countries. Spain has the record for the “Young Entrepreneur Award” and “Female Entrepreneur Award” categories with a number of 6 nominees for each category.
On the other hand, UK has the largest number of nominations for the “Web Entrepreneur Award” category with a number of 4 nominees.





Speaking about nationalities, it’s also interesting to focus on the result of the Public Voting per Country: once again Spain stands out among others.



But what about the average age of the voters? The majority of them is between 25-35 years old, followed by the 18-24 years old. 5,5% of them is over 65.




Using Brandwatch we can also monitoring the social media data and notice that, during the Public Voting period, Europioneers was mentioned 770 times and reached almost 4 million impressions thanks to influencers like @StartUpEU, @goettingereu, @DigitalAgendaEU and @eyif.

At the same time, we can see that the most discussed topics on the social media were mostly WomenInTech and Europioneers Award.




After these successful results, we just have to wait for the Ceremony. November 12 is almost there, follow us to find out who the next European Web Entrepreneurs are going to be!