#GrowGlobal Year
30 November 2015

#GrowGlobal Year: Scaling Up!

On November 17th we launched #GrowGlobal Year and formally presented the European Startup Act 2020 at the ‘Innovation Roundtable’ at the European Parliament, the only EU related event for the Global Entrepreneurship Week, that we proudly organise every year.

This time the event was hosted by Adina Valean, Vice President of the European Parliament, and at the same time we had the honor to welcome the two rapporteurs for the Digital Single Market Strategy, Kaja Kallas and Evelyne Gebhardt, adding to the unique nature of the event. This was an important milestone for European entrepreneurship, since we managed to incubate a discussion about new policies in favour of founders across Europe in the view of the forthcoming discussions on policy at the European level.

This event presented the ideal opportunity to showcase the results of Disrupt Europe year, which was launched last year also at the Global Entrepreneurship Week, EYIF had launched the Disrupt Europe Year which aimed to familiarise Europeans with the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the risk-taking mentality they represent. Disrupt Europe Year had impressive results: 47 events in 17 countries from 3 continents hosting more than 25.000 participants.

The focus of 2016 – The #GrowGlobal Year – will be on how European Startups can expand beyond Europe and how Europe can attract the best startups, talent and investment from across the globe. These topics were discussed by the panel, which included Kumardev Chatterjee and Nicholas Zylberglajt, founders of EYIF, Adina Valean – Vice President of the European Parliament/ EPP, Kaja Kallas (ALDE) – MEP rapporteur for the Industry Committee, Evelyne Gebhardt (S&D) and a special guest, representing the tech startup world, Carlos Espinal. Carlos is a leading figure in Venture Capital and partner at Seedcamp, having consulted more than 200 startups and scale ups in Europe.

In this context we have presented the European Startup Act , a policy proposal with 5 actionable recommendations that address the problem of scarcity, as part of our greater vision to create a ‘Europe for Entrepreneurs’ by 2020

In line with theme of the year 2016, the #EUStartupAct is aiming to help build a framework in which European entrepreneurship and innovation can realise its full potential. Among its targets and actions, are proposed amendments enabling European startups to scale both within the EU, and globally.

Our social media reach during the event was off the charts as you can observe through a thorough investigation using the most useful analytics tool on the market: Brandwatch.

Taking a close look into the most popular trends, the #EUStartupAct was the most retweeted, which indicated high expectations for its impact on the european entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.08.14


Since the introduction of the #EUStartupAct on October 19, the trend received: 394 mentions and 1.649.247 impressions. Moreover, #GrowGlobal attained 1.018.629 impressions thanks to influencers such as @thunderclapit, @eyif and @euparliament including the speakers Kaja Kallas, MEP rapporteur for the Industry Committee and Adina Valean, Vice-President of the European Parliament

Finally a snapshot of the most popular topics: #GrowGlobal and #GEW2015, stood out during this period.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.50.47

These are great results but it’s just the beginning; EYIF is planning to surpass last year’s results.

In 2016, #Grow Global Year will feature events where young Europeans with innovative ideas from major European innovation hubs and those who can support them: successful entrepreneurs, investors, academics, experts, opinion leaders, top policy makers and corporate executives, will come together to explore political and social environments for global entrepreneurship in the EU. As all preceding years, The #GrowGlobal year will be crowned by EYIF’s flagship annual event Unconvention 2016.



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