Kumardev Chatterjee
18 February 2016

EYIF’s Founder and President – awarded as one of the 50 most impactful social innovators in the world

EYIF Founder and President, Kumardev Chatterjee, is one of the few handpicked global Indian origin leaders who has been an honoured invitee to the Make in India Week organised by the Indian Prime Minister and his team. His focus has been on connecting the European and Indian ecosystems, particularly easing markets access to India for European startups as part of EYIF Grow Global campaign. Kumardev was invited to a set of high-level seminars and meetings with minmakeinindia2isters, policy makers, industrial leaders and promising startups to be able to enable these outcomes.

Today, he has been awarded as one of 50 most impactful social innovators in the world, with the occasion of the World CSR Day, organised as part of Make In India week. Moreover, he delivered a speech on the 4th Industrial Revolution – Autonomous Drones and Other Technologies to an audience of South East Asian Technology and Industrial Leaders

After being appointed as Innovation Luminary – Young Innovation Champion by the European Commission and Intel, Kumardev Chatterjee is one of the 50 most impactful social innovators in the world and we, at EYIF, can’t be more proud of him. Congratulations!