31 March 2016

Grow Global – over 1 million impressions reached in the last months

We launched #GrowGlobal Year and officially presented the European Startup Act 2020 at the ‘Innovation Roundtable’ at the European Parliament, on 17th November, the only EU related event for the Global Entrepreneurship Week, that we proudly organise every year.

The Grow Global Year strategy focuses on how European Startups can expand beyond Europe (taking into account Asian and American entrepreneurial markets) and how Europe can attract the best startups, talent and investment from across the globe.

As part of the Grow Global Year, we are preparing our flagship event, Unconvention, which will take place on 22-24 June, in Brussels. Pre-register to receive the latest updates and keep an eye on our website, we will soon release the agenda and the first speakers confirmed!

Let’s take a short look at the data we gathered in 4 months, since we launched the Grow Global Year. Using Brandwatch, a useful analytical tool on the market, we can track the social media data:

brandwatch 2

On Twitter, we reached more than 1 million of audience impressions, generated by only 169 tweets.

#Unconv16 attained around 500k impressions and yes, the best is yet to come!


Taking a close look at the #EUStartupAct results as it comes from European Startup Act, a policy proposal with 5 actionable recommendations, as part of our greater vision to create aEurope for Entrepreneurs’ by 2020, we noticed that only 33 tweets came out with 408.787 impressions! What does it mean? The European Startup Act got the attention of the crowd, producing a buzz an ongoing debate around the policy recommendations.

brandwatch 3

That’s it in a nutshell, but we are coming back next month with new results, as we are about to launch the InnoPitch competition and open the applications for joining the EYIF Delegation to the Mobile World Congress Shanghai!

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