27 April 2016

4 Key Uses Cases of Brandwatch

Brandwatch is the social media monitoring and analytics tool used by agencies and companies worldwide. The tool offers consulting services and training services, although you can be able to do most part of the work by yourself. Raising $22 million to improve its social media monitoring platform last year, Brandwatch covers the basics such as exportable data, white-labeled reports, customizable dashboard, workflow management.

Brandwatch provides solid, functional dashboards to view, explore and filter query results – and the ability to set email alerts. Once you wrote your queries and set up your dashboard (adding custom alerts, positive and negative keywords, make adjustments), you are all set up to start monitoring your social media activity.

Brandwatch focuses on finding and organising the social media conversations that matter to you, turning it into truly actionable insights faster than any other tool. Using Brandwatch is quite easy for anyone familiar with tracking social media tools. Having a friendly interface, the information is just a click away from you.

Taking a closer look at Brandwatch dashboard, a few sample of key uses cases Brandwatch provides: 

  • Audience Demographics:

Audience Demographics


  • PR Coverage:

PR coverage


  • Reputation Management:

Reputation management


Brandwatch also measures the Influence of the people making the comments. This is done using a straightforward calculation of the “most mentions for a particular keyword” plus “credibility” – which is gauged by site traffic, in-links, page-rank and the age of the site. You can read a review here.

  • Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing


That’s in short, but if you plan to give a try or you just want to catch up with the latest news, you can reach Brandwatch on Twitter, Youtube (yes, they have plenty of useful tutorials!) or Facebook.