20 June 2016

First startups confirmed for Mobile World Congress Shanghai

In less than a month, 4YFN (4 Years From Now) and EYIF will take their colourful and energetic vibe to China at the next Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWCS). Landing for the first time in Asia after the success over the past 3 years at Mobile World Congress Barcelona and bringing with them more than 100 international startups within the new 4YFN Startup Area. To add to the excitement, they are sharing lots of creative and fresh products to all MWCS attendees.

There will be health products, such as Asthmanager, a high-tech platform for long-term asthma sufferers, they have created a management system that is able to connect to other medical devices, such as smart inhaler trackers and smart peak flow meters. Other useful health related products showcasing are: Nainiumama or Beiyunbang, very useful tools to answer any questions, track their health status or even pregnancy processes. Meanwhile, LiangYiHui is a multiplatform system for Chinese oncologists and patients that gathers therapeutic information, suggesting the best medical tools & learning material and Alert+ creates wearable products aimed at saving people’s lives and improving the quality of life for the elderly. 

Startups are also bringing with them tools for making your daily work/life balance more manageable, such as Cityholic, a goal-oriented open platform and mobile service for second jobs that can increase income and broaden opportunities for extra jobs, or Zoom Offices, an online office marketplace connecting office users and landlords helping you find your ideal office space locally or internationally. Ever considered moving to a new office space abroad within a few days? Now you can.

For those keen travelers, a startup has solved some of the biggest headaches: connecting to WiFi – meet i-MiFi a mobile wireless internet router you can put in your pocket or bag, which provides you with internet access from any device that supports Wi-Fi, wherever you may be. Another useful tool on the road is, an easy-to-use app with historical and cultural guides stating many of the world’s most important cities.

If you can’t get enough, don’t miss out on this impressive device: BLITAB, the first tactile tablet, with a liquid-based technology that creates tactile relief outputting braille, graphics and maps. People call it the “iPad” for the blind. BLITAB® is a next generation affordable multi-functional device for reading and writing that displays one whole page Braille text, without any mechanical elements. Check it out!

What about the first fully autonomous drone based sorting center built by Unmanned.Life? The Unmanned Life system consists of intelligent unmanned autonomous vehicles controlled securely over a cloud through a software platform. Talking about the autonomous solution, Anacode provides solutions for automatized market research in China.

All this and much more will be available at the 4YFN Startup Area in the Mobile World Congress Shanghai from the 29th June to the 1st July. We will soon present to you every startup part of the EYIF Delegation at Mobile World Congress Shanghai!