24 June 2016

Meet the EYIF Delegation at Mobile World Congress Shanghai: Anacode

Organised by the GSMA, Mobile World Congress Shanghai (#MWCS16) attracts thousands of mobile industry leaders and consumers from around the world – making MWC Shanghai a truly unique and global event.

Just a few days left until we, together with the EYIF Delegation, head to Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2016, that will take place between 29th June – 1st July. Let us introduce you, one by one, every company part of the EYIF Startup Pavilion at the 4YFN Startup Area:

Name: Anacode

About: Anacode provides solutions for automatized market research in China. Their target user is the employee or executive of a “Western” company who faces cultural, linguistic and often also legal obstacles in her endeavors to understand the local customer. Their software MarketMiner crawls the relevant regions of the Web for customer feedback in the target industry and uses state-of-the-art techniques of data mining and linguistic analysis to translate these texts into familiar concepts of market research. Thus, the software saves costs, improves results and simplifies the supply chain of cross-border market research.

How to get in touch?

At MWCS16, you can find them at: EYIF Startup Pavilion – N3.4Y201anacode

4YFN will have a large dedicated area within the heart of Mobile World Congress Shanghai housing the latest startup innovations, pitching sessions, workshops and a stage for top speakers & startup competitions. Learn more here.

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