10 June 2016

OpenUp Program, an innovative app aiming to connect entrepreneurs and experts

Several app hit the Play Store every single day. Gaming, eHealth, beauty, time management tools, you name it. When it comes to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the biggest struggle entrepreneurs and investors face is to get in touch with the right startup. We have just discovered that BNP Paribas Group came up with a solution for this and we would like to present you this new opportunity launched last month, highly supported by our organisation:

Forget about the LinkedIn Profiles and Contact Us pages and check the new OpenUp Program:

What is the OpenUp Program about?

OpenUp Program is the BNP Paribas Group worldwide initiative to match-make and connect your startup to Project Manager for collaborations around projects on various domains. You might think the app is only for Fintech startups, as it is built by one of the top global financial group, but it goes beyond the Fintech spectrum: crosses the borders and expands the domains, creating collaborations with startup around technology, ideas and solutions.

How does the OpenUp Program work?

There are two players: the entrepreneur, who has the ideas and the concept and the BNP Paribas Project Manager who creates the opportunities and the projects. OpenUp Program brings you two together, through its online platform and team support.

Using the OpenUp program will help you as an entrepreneur, to identify the right person  for developing a business collaboration within the BNP Paribas Group.

Major benefits: cut off step and avoid waste of time

The startups often receive various proposals from third parties and waste plenty of time trying to choose the right team. Through OpenUp Program, you can cut off the steps and facilitate the process by having direct access to experts that will help your company grow.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store and it’s available on OpenUP.bnpparibas on any web browser.  

Therefore, if you are a startup, with a great innovative product or service and you are looking to find the right contact, give a try to the OpenUp Program and let us know how the process goes!