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05 August 2016

EYIF activities 2016: sharing our half year achievements with you

Optimized-teamEYIFWhat a year it has been to date! Our #GrowGlobal year of activities is already showing its first significant results. New partners, new initiatives, events, workshops, new projects…where should we start this recap with?

EYIF’s role as a harbinger of youth innovation in Europe and the impact its creates recognised with the signature of 3 major partnerships with Huawei, BNP Paribas and Deustche Bahn

We are very pleased to announce that, just this year alone, the European Young Innovators Forum has signed three new pan-European Strategic Innovation Partnerships with three major global corporates to provide our 10,000 strong European startups community and more than 500 000 young innovators across Europe access to mentorship, funding, infrastructure and finance. These partnerships with BNP Paribas, Huawei Mobile and Deutsche Bahn, together with our existing partnerships, will help us create new opportunities for startups and young innovators across Europe – access to new business opportunities, corporate innovation ecosystems, funding and scaling-up through our partners’ programmes, ‘OpenUp’, ‘InnoApps’ and ‘DB mindbox’!

Our partners from GSMA Mobile World Congress, CEBIT and MIT Technology Review renew their trust in EYIF and reinforce cooperation to build stronger bridges to the world for Europe’s young innovators


Early this year, we continued our partnership with two of the most renowned technology-oriented events in the world, GSMA’s Mobile World Congress and CEBIT.

If you were in Barcelona in February or Shanghai in July you could have reached us at Mobile World Congress Barcelona and Shanghai. As part of #GrowGlobal year, we have scaled-out our activities to China and we partnered for second year in a row with the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, bringing a full delegation of startups and innovators to our Pavilion at the 4YFN Startup Area.

The European Startup delegation to MWC Shanghai was carefully selected with Europe’s hottest startups and it was only fitting, that BLITAB, one of our treasured startups who we have helped grow for more than a year now,  was chosen as the best startup in Shanghai and given the 4YFN Award. This is what EYIF is all about, creating opportunities for young innovators from Europe both in Europe and in the world. We feel humbled to hear what our own community has to say about it:

“Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2016 was the event of the year for BLITAB as we launched our product – the World’s first tactile tablet and celebrated it together there. Being part of the EYIF delegation, we managed to meet customers, partners and industry leaders from all over the world. Winning the 4YFN  startup competition among 100 start-ups boosts our success and future acceleration goals.” Kristina Tsvetanova, CEO and Founder BLITAB.

This year we were also the European partners for the largest innovation fair in the world, CEBIT, who over for the last two years have increased their actions to engage with European startups through their Scale 11 programme. This year apart from our delegation in CEBIT, we contributed to the ‘Go International Summit’ and the ‘Dronemasters Summit’ where our President was a keynote speaker. It was all about the 4th Industrial Revolution and the way forward Europe should follow to take its industry to the digital age.

Building on our previous collaboration, MIT Technology Review and Opinno enhanced their cooperation with EYIF in their Innovators Under 35 Europe programme where our President was one of the Jury members. We look forward to continuing growing together with the MIT Innovators Under 35 community in Europe.

Finally, at EYIF we have always been extremely focused in fighting against youth unemployment either by helping young innovators and entrepreneurs to build their own projects or matching companies and talent. This is why we set up a new partnership with Tyba one of the hottest Spanish startups that will help startups find the right talent and passioned young people to find a company matching their ambitions.

Highlight of the year: EYIF Founder and President, Kumardev Chatterjee, is one of the few handpicked global 

Kumardev Chatterjeeleaders of Indian heritage who has been an honoured invitee to the Make in India Week organised by the Indian Prime Minister and his team. His focus has been on connecting the European and the fledgeling Indian ecosystem, particularly easing markets access to India for European startups as part of EYIF Grow Global campaign. Kumardev has been awarded as one of 50 most impactful social innovators in the world, on the occasion of the World CSR Day, organised during the Make In India week. This is a recognition not only for our President’s pioneering work in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, but also to the work that every single member of the EYIF community has accomplished in the last 6 years.

Helping European Startups secure more than 2,5 million euros in EU funding

Let’s talk about EYIF’s consulting branch, EU Startup Services. Some of the companies that we have helped in the last few months are companies from Spain, Austria and Greece, securing under the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument, a combined €150.000 for Quotanda, Filisia Interfaces and Paybon. These 3 companies are representative of the diversity of our community and companies we have supported to obtain EU funds from different sectors like Open Disruptive Innovation (ODI), ICT solutions for health, and Business Model Innovation.

EU Startup Services also secured funding through the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 for the disruptive UK-based and Seedcamp funded startup Reedsy, under the topic, Open Disrupting Innovation (ODI).

“I met with EU Startup Services Team early March 2016 and impressed by their track-record, I immediately decided to work with them on a Horizon 2020 Phase 2 proposal. After working with EU Startup Services for about 6 weeks, we submitted the proposal mid-April and got a positive response in May. ” Emmanuel Nataf, CEO of Reedsy.



This is yet another successful milestone for the EU Startup Services team, adding to their impressive track record which now counts over €2.5 M secured via the SME instrument Phase I and II in the last 12 months alone, for startups from over 9 countries including the UK.

Workshops for more than 1000 entrepreneurs organised in major capitals

in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Helsinki, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Tallinn, Budapest, Athens and others till date. We continue raising awareness, mentoring and informing young entrepreneurs and innovators how they can secure EU funding to grow their companies. Of course, there will be more in the next 6 months, in Amsterdam, Paris, London and Berlin. If you are in Berlin on 3rd September, join our workshop during the “Startup Night”!

A strong online presence and increasing worldwide reach as part of #GrowGlobal

brandwatch2In addition to the whopping 75 million impressions across all our Social Media channels till date, we have reached over 6 million impressions for #GrowGlobal activities alone, with a significant contribution from the launch of InnoApps Challenge, which reached more than 1 million impressions in less than 2 weeks!

Thanks to our partnership with UK-based company Brandwatch we have developed a detailedbrandwatch4
analysis of our online presence. Statistics show that, in the first 6 months of the year, a strong interest in EYIF activities and actions was seen globally, particularly in the U.S. totalling to more than 1500 mentions worldwide!

The InnoApps Challenge Launch and Mobile World Congress Shanghai were the most prominent on the social media during the last 6 months. They definitely stand out among all others. Just have a look at this cool image that summarises well all the topics.

Be ready for an intense 6 months ahead!

We want to give you just a glimpse of our upcoming activities in the next 6 months. In September, you can reach us in Germany; on 3rd September in Berlin, for the EU funding workshop, followed by the Pirate Summit on 6 -7 September in Cologne.

If you missed the second edition of Innovator Under 35 Belgium, you will have the chance to meet us at EmTech France, on 6th – 7th October, in Toulouse.

All our efforts will be concentrated around  the 5th edition of Unconvention 2016, our flagship event that will take place on 10 – 11 October, in Brussels. This year will be special and we definitely want you to feel special by learning, pitching, networking, meeting leaders and policy makers, all of them celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship in the heart of Europe.  You will soon be able to secure your ticket, so keep an eye on Unconvention.eu!

Don’t forget to send us your application for the InnoApps Challenge competition, the InnoApps Hackathon will give you the chance to be the winner of 20.000!

And, just as we brought the EYIF Delegation to China already, it’s time to continue building the transatlantic innovation bridge and  embark on an exclusive innovation tour of the USA! More information about the 3rd edition InnoTour, supported by EYIF and US Mission to the EU will soon be available on eyif.eu

We are looking forward to seeing you further on, on the innovation scene with EYIF, as more opportunities are yet to come!