04 November 2016

InnoApps2016: over 2 million impressions reached and it is not over!

The application process has just ended and we are happy to share with you the preliminary results! Brandwatch, our happy social media tool, helps us gather and centralize all the information, so take a look and see our results from the application period!


What’s interesting and useful at Brandwatch is that it can show you how many mentions you have in a certain period of time. Our communication activities increased before the cut-off date and it looks like it paid off!mentions

Moreover, the most mentioned tweeters are:

  • EYIF
  • Huawei
  • NeedCodeEU
  • StartupsBelgium
  • StartupsBe
  • TechEU




                 top-hastagsAnd #InnoApps2016 and #smartcities are the VIP hashtags!



At the same time, we can see that the most discussed topics on the social media were mostly SmartCities, InnoApps, and App. Looking forward to seeing the results of the Hackathon and Award Ceremony that will take place in Brussels, in February 2017!