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21 December 2016

Intel and Parrot to join the EU Drone Awards

A few weeks ago, the European Young Innovators Forum proudly announced at the high-level drone conference in Warsaw, the launch of the 1st ever EU Drone Awards that will be hosted by Mr. Dominique Riquet, MEP and Vice-Chair of the Committee on Transport and Tourism, at the European Parliament on 24th January 2017. The idea behind this event is to select and promote the best European drone companies and to bring altogether innovative mindset, policy leaders such as Members of the European Parliament and of the European Commission, high-level profile from the industry and outstanding companies that all contribute to make the drone economy successful and worldwide known. This event is unprecedented in Europe and here, you will find the latest updates to remind you why you cannot miss this huge opportunity !

Map EuropeThis amazing competition opened on November 23th and the closing of the application calls is on the 22nd December 2016. The application process is positive and so far we attracted many complementary and high-level candidates from 14 different European countries: Italy, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Spain, Czech Republic and Romania that emphasizes once again the diversity and the high-skills of the European drone companies. If you think that your companies is the best manufacturer, the best drone-based solution or the best emerging companies, apply for this European challenge because these three companies will be awarded at the closing ceremony hosted by the European Parliament in Brussels.

An exceptional competition cannot be successful without a high profile jury. To be sure that you select the best teams, you need to have the best jury possible. That is the reason why, together with the EYIF and the Unconvention team, we are pleased to inform that the Jury for the 1st EU Drone Awards is already confirmed and the selection process will be painstakingly led by high-level  jury members coming from all the parts of the European drone economy ! 

Firstly, the startup innovative mindset will be represented since we truly think that entrepreneurs are the best to understand other entrepreneurs by our President Kumardev Chatterjee. Secondly, Michal Mazur from PwC will bring the expertise on the commercial drones applications economy thanks to his widely recognised report “Clarity from above” where PWC estimated the value of the market to 127 billion.

Intel 500Finally, we are very excited that two of the most promising companies in term of drone-based solution and UAV manufacturing will be part of this competition. Indeed, the industry side will be here as well! Yannick Lévy, Vice-President of Corporate Business Development, will represent Parrot; one of the most famous European and global Unmanned Aerial Vehicle manufacturer. A high-level representative from Intel, one of the most powerful global company in term of investment in drone-based solution will carefully review your applications as well. 


Last but not least, they all will be present to reward the winning companies during the EU Drone Award ceremony at the European Parliament in Brussels on 24th January 2017!

Should you wish to compete and be part of the event, it is still possible but hurry up to apply: the call for applications closes on December 22nd. All the information regarding the timeline, criteria and the application process can be found here.

Looking forward to receiving your application!