11 January 2017

Experience cutting-edge tech at Unconvention with our Partners!

We are delighted to present our 4 experience partners for the Unconvention 2017!

Stumber is a custom social platform for universities, clubs, public sectors, companies. It helps community mancomputer-topagers to effectively centralize their members and optimize communication towards and between. In other words, it creates your own social network in just a few minutes.

Stumber is super user friendly, has a responsive interface, it is accessible through any device, is fully customizable and fully secure.

Sharingbox is a Belgian company operating in more than 13 countries and it’s the market leader for digital photo booths in Western Europe.

A MUST HAVE MARKETING TOOL: The sharingbox was custom designed for the smoothest user experience possible. As sharingbox-mini-previewan announcer, it helps you engage with your audience. As a marketer, it is a novel way for you to collect datas and smiles at the same time for your client!

THE PERFECT PARTY BOX: Planning a wedding, a birthday party or a cocktail and looking for that perfect animation that will make your night unforgettable? The sharingbox holds up to 10 people on each photo ! Its intuitive interface entertains and rekindles the craziness hidden within your guests. It captures their most genuine smiles, their most natural poses and sets them in stone within seconds with instant printing.

Poolpio is a Creative Immersive Contents Agency that creates tailor made 360° videos and immersive contents, foreseeing and overseeing all step of a VR film production all over Europe.

More specifically, they:

  • create immersive motion pictures contents, from news, documentary, fiction to B2B 360° video projects.
  • develop their own rigs to combine the best that exists regarding audiovisual gears.oculus-rift-5-2
  • building up the first VR Arena in Belgium a future temple for VR experimentations and leisure.
  • organise your VR event with google cardboards, VR gears and syncing applications for the best cinema VR experience possible.
  • use multiple high-end cameras to capture the reality around the story, from action cams to studio cinema devices
  • provide 360° live coverage of your concert, your conference or any other event worth being live 360°

BE.VR is the Belgian Virtual Reality Meetup that connect with a community of people interested in virtual reality. Whethervrbe you are a designer, producer, developer, gamer, hacker, researcher, artist, entrepreneur, or are just curious, this is your chance to meet like-minded people from across Belgium’s vibrant community. They are meeting every two months to start with to swap ideas, try out each other’s projects and share expertise. Like us, they are really excited that VR is finally coming-of-age, opening up unprecedented opportunities to create mind-blowing experiences and welcome like-minded creatives and developers to join us!

Their gear include: Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear Vr, HTC Vive, Sony Morpheus