25 January 2017

From real-time VC investment to workshops on design thinking and public speaking: Day 3 | Unconvention

The last day of Uncovention brings investment opportunities to startups and free workshops for our participants:

  • Venture Forum

Startups from all over Europe came to the Venture Forum in order to convince seasoned investors that their idea is feasible and with a large potential to generate good profits.

Apart from the 6 finalists from InnoPitch who were from the start qualified to participate at Venture Forum, other startups joined as well: Golod, SEP Solutions, Enovos, Slash Prod and others.

  • Workshop on Design Thinking, held by Dr. Susanne Rompel, Head of EU Representative Office at Innogy, and Dirk Homuth, Project Manager on Innovation at Innogy.

We were surprised and delighted at the same time to see that the room was completely overbooked. The participants learned how new products or solutions are developed by using the design thinking approach. Throughout rapid interaction and an agile approach new ideas can be easily generated. Starting from the customer’s point of view, product solutions will be created, tested and get proofed against their value proposition. Elements such as a persona, a business model canvas and rapid prototyping will be explained and put into practice. In the very interactive workshop, did many interesting exercises themselves, such as the development of a persona as well as a touchpoint analysis.

  • Workshop on “Presentation & Pitch Impact Skills”, held by Peter Hopwood, CEO of Hopwood Communications

Peter Hopwood, Unconvention’s MC Host, is also Public Speaking & Pitch Coach and he definitely knows what he is talking about when he told us everything about performing on stage, today during his, full packed, workshop. Starting from the audience’s trust, managing your nerves, up to self awareness, gestures or a simple call to action – the audience, that came from many different fields of Business, Communication, Politics and Technology got a tremendous amount of tips on “Pitching & Presenting Impact Skills” and how that can really bring one’s career forward.

  • Workshop on Digitalizing Integrations, held by Mario Paladin, Founder and CEO of Club Globals

Here, the participants learned how new ways of interacting with technology, like artificial intelligence, makes international life easier. It was for ‘global digital citizens’, who want to feel at home everywhere and access a welcome community without the hassle of a bureaucratic jungle, in order to start enjoying their new life.

  • Workshop on “Patent Assessment”, held by Johann Stan from the European Patent Office.

Patents are a great means for protection because it allows inventors to protect their invention. The participants learned many important aspects of what a patent is, for how long is valid, how does a good patent look like, which are the most inventive countries, as well as the procedures and legal criteria to be met to have a patent.

  • Workshop on EU Funding for Startups and SMEs, delivered by Louis Papaemmanuel from the EU Startup Services

EU funds are a unique opportunity for great business ideas and startups with a big potential to create jobs and to innovate. The focus of the workshop has been on the SME Instrument, a tool that is part of the Horizon 2020 program, designed specifically for startups and business with high risk but also high potential. It’s a highway to deliver innovation into the market.

Participants learned how it is structured, with clear examples of good practices, what kind of costs are eligible, or more importantly, and priceless tips and tricks on how to win!