13 January 2017

It is time to meet the 9 Finalists of the 1st EU Drone Awards!

The EU Drone Awards is a unique European competition, launched a few months ago by EYIF in the presence of Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Transport, at the high-level drone conference in Warsaw on 23 November 2016. Since then, an amazing competition started in November with the ambition to promote the best European actors in the Drone economy. For this first edition, we received more than 50 applications from more than 14 countries across Europe. Three categories were eligible: Best “ Drone Manufacturer”, Best “Drone-Based Solution” and Best “ Emerging Drone Company”. Yesterday, the 9 finalists have been successfully chosen after a careful process based on business and technical criteria by a team made of business analysts and engineers.

Now, it is time for you to meet them.


Category: “Best Drone Manufacturer”

This category will award the most innovative drone manufacturer based out of Europe. The key criteria that have been evaluated here were their market potential, their market presence, their impact, their European dimension, their user-friendliness, their design as well as their technological innovation. The three finalists for this category are Starship Technologies , Flydeo  and Microdrones.

Starship Technologies is an Estonian company that was founded with the intention to improve the automotive supply chain sector. They built the first commercially available autonomous delivery robots that allow for the user to decide when they would like their package delivered, reducing the chance that a recipient would miss their package delivery.

Flydeo is a Czech company that entirely designs and produces their drones in Czech Republic. Their drones can flight up to 70min with possibility of lifting tens different payloads and they integrated a rescue parachute system into each drone to optimize its safety.  

Microdrones is a German company that build robust and performant drones. The company offers versatile flying platform for several applications such as Mapping, Public Safety & Security, Civil Protection, Water Rescue, Unmanned Cargo, Industrial Inspection, Precision Farming and many more.

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Category: Best “Drone-Based Solution”

This category will award the most impactful commercial drone-based application in Europe. The key criteria that have been evaluated here were their market potential, their efficiency gains, their European dimension, their market presence, their impact and their technological innovation. The three finalists for this category are Inkonova AB, Clear Flight solutions and Airbus Defence and Space     

Inkonova AB addresses the vital need for drone solutions in underground operations, facilitating sensory and inspection capacity where terrestrial vehicles or humans cannot go because of physical or safety restraints, or where flight is crucial.

Clear Flight Solutions B.V addresses the issue of collisions between airplanes and birds, crop loss due to birds in agriculture and prevent environmental damage and death of birds in oil&gas industry, for example thanks to their “ Robirds” that are truly unique remotely controlled robotic birds of prey.

Airbus Defense and Space in partnership with  CATEC (research centre) and University of Seville solves indoor accurate positioning and localization system band safe autonomous navigation of drones in real life scenarios for cooperation with a human worker.

Category: Best “Emerging Drone company”

This category will award the most attractive emerging company out of Europe. In other words: the company to watch. The key criteria that have been evaluated were the market potential, the impact of the solution, the team, the European dimension and the technological innovation. The three finalists in this category are: Unifly,  Skysense, and Flyability.

Unifly UTM is able to register, identify and monitor drones in the UTM airspace. It tells drone pilots and drone operators instantly and exactly where they are allowed to fly based on airspace information and local aeronautical legislation.

Skysense enables enterprise customers to benefit from an additional and always up-to-date information layer providing fully autonomous drone inspection without any human intervention that will increase operational safety, reliability, and affordability.

Flyability offers its drone Elios that can fly in confined and complex spaces and in contact with people by solving collision and injury risks because the drone is surrounded by a cage which is decoupled from the inner frame using a gimbal mechanism.

The finalists are amazing but the competition is not over! Now these high-quality candidates will be evaluated by our distinguished jury members from PwC, Intel, Parrot and EYIF. The results will be announced on 24 January 2017 at the European Parliament during the EU Drone Awards ceremony along with a VIP dinner.

Dominique Riquet, Member of the European Parliament and Vice-Chair of the European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee will be the host of this ceremony that will also no doubt be fascinating.

Now we are looking to meeting the winners!

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