18 January 2017

Meet the InnoPitch 2016 finalists


saffeDo you imagine a world where you can pay without any belongings? What if you could pay with just a selfie? Saffe is a mobile payment app that leverages world-class facial recognition technology to make your life easier and more secure.

If you are a merchant, they enable you to receive payments at the point-of-sale directly with your smartphone. No need to pay for a dedicated POS or any extra equipment.

If you are a consumer, we enable you to pay for your stuff without your wallet, your smartphone… without nothing! This is mobile payments the way it should be.

Saffe is being built out of passion and purpose of its founders André Coelho and Giovani Chiachia.

About the Saffe team:

André has over seven years of experience in the financial market and has held positions such as broker and advisor of investments and M&A operations. He believes that life can be much easier with the use of technology and found in Saffe the ideal financial service to pursue such belief.

Giovani is an experienced computer scientist with a background ranging from IT management to top-notch computer vision research. Through his MsC and PhD, he has been researching automatic face recognition over the past eight years. Lately he has crafted such technology for an unprecedented experience in mobile payments with the very same purpose of improving people’s lives in daily tasks.


EurocomplyEuroComply is Easy, Effective Software to implement and understand the mandatory changes of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR comes into force in 2018 and applies to companies globally that target European citizens. This leaves little time to implement mandatory operational changes to be in compliance. 2018 may seem far away but implementing the breadth of changes introduced by 200 pages of legislation is a challenge. Particularly with the magnitude of risk at stake: fines of 4% of annual Worldwide Turnover or €20 million.

About the EuroComply team:

The team of Renowned Data Protection Experts and Software Engineers has created a Software solution to manage the impact of the GDPR on your organisation and achieve compliance.

The founder and CEO, Emerald de Leeuw, is a graduate from Tilburg University in the Netherlands and University College Cork in Ireland; and a contributing lecturer at the Law Society of Ireland.


AnumericsAnumerics is a research computational science services company. They focus on highly scalable, high impact algorithms as a service for small to medium sized data driven businesses. Our offerings originate directly from the output of R&D in HPC, mechanical engineering and information system engineering. The research aims to deliver code kernels for industrial and consumer applications through infrastructure as a service system. They also maintain a project portfolio that showcases our work. The philosophy behind Anumerics’ business is the harmonic relationship between engineering, mathematical models and scalable computing that targets the most challenging problems in business and engineering industry.

About the Anumerics team:

Anumerics is lead by Konstantinos Krestenitis, a computational academic. Konstantinos holds a PhD in computational mechanics and high performance computing at Durham University, studies sponsored by EPSRC and EDF Energy. His research interest are parallel numerical computation, contact mechanics and computational geometry. He taught university level programming, mechatronics, and has taken several industry positions in system administration, programming, and service providing for data driven companies.




MoleQL is an educational platform to learn chemistry that uses special paper-cards for scanning and 3D animation which will certainly surprise you. It’s easy and understandable and beautiful from the first tap. MoleQL is developed in cooperation with chemistry teachers to ensure the educational value.

The app received many awards:

  • Special Prize from Tehnopol and People’s Choice Prizes from Skype University Hackathon
  • Research and Development Prize, Mektory Start-Up Idea Competition, and many other prizes from Loomehäkk vol 2, Cross Motion, Prototron.

About the MoleQL team:

Roksolana Sliusar is one of the Co-founders, who deals mostly with Business Development. She is currently working also as a Finance service specialist – Accounts Payable, at ABB, as well as having a good track record in Project Management.

Includeon 2


Includeon is a virtual employment platform accessible to Deaf and disabled people. Includeon is developing an inclusive web-based platform and app providing remote jobs accessible to Deaf and disabled people. Includeon’s aim is to match diversity-positive remote jobs with talented disabled online workers through an accessible virtual employment platform offering e-work, career coaching and emotional intelligence support and training using audio-visual emotion recognition.

About the Includeon team:

Magdalena Slowinska Janowitz is a social entrepreneur, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist and Service Designer passionate about assistive technologies and connected workplace. She’s been working on various frontiers between technology, social entrepreneurship, education, employment, accessibility, mental health, game design and society. Prior to Includeon she set up Bepartofit Hub – a community of inclusion makers and voluntary organization supported by Unltd UK. Magdalena believes that accessible technology can significantly improve the quality of employment for disabled people


HomepodHomepod is a single platform that helps the procurement of architectural accessories. Homepod provides better decisions about architectural accessories and helps mitigate operational risk and reduce cost. The accessories and furnishings we bring into buildings, makes them places to go and relax, take time out, recharge the batteries. Recharge yours with Homepod – the architectural resourcing system.

About the Homepod team:

Andrei Toma, the Founder of Homepod, previously worked as telecommunications engineer on Tier1 infrastructure prior joining a 3 years course in Architecture where researched ICT tools for architects and urban designers to improve the quality of their work

Founded his first company in 2011 and voted in the top 100 most innovative company in UK.