11 January 2017

Tomorrow’s change-makers are coming to Unconvention 2017! (III)

The article was initially published on www.unconvention.eu

We are so enthusiastic to announce our new Speakers for the Unconvention 2017! We hope you are too! 

Peter Hopwood


Peter Hopwood is a Presence and Public Speaking Coach – Founder of Hopwood Communications.

Essentially, Peter helps people tell stories. Stories with stronger impact. He helps professionals, startups, teams and entrepreneurs bring more value to their ideas, boost confidence, gain investment and persuade with impact. He helps people find the right words, in the most effective way in front of a crowd – or on camera.

Peter’s speaking engagements and coaching skills are in high demand across the global digital, tech and startup scene. From Amsterdam to Shanghai, Berlin to Dubai, Peter has that unique knack of showing people exactly how to reach the next level in their communication.

He transforms stage-fright to shining confidence and knows his job’s done when his clients see and feel the exciting transformation. He loves to be kept on his toes as he continues to wear many hats – leader, mentor, coach, copywriter, investor, conference host and voiceover talent.

Tytus Cytowski

cytowskiTytus Cytowski is an attorney and founder of Cytowski & Partners, a boutique international law firm focusing on technology and venture capital transactions. Mr. Cytowski is a respected legal expert in matters related to venture capital and corporate transactions between Europe and the USA, including “flip” transactions, venture financing and M&A for sale side venture backed acquisitions. He regularly represents international venture funds and startups that are transitioning high-growth businesses to the USA (usually in order to attract investment and expand within the USA).

Mr. Cytowski received his law degree from Harvard Law School (LLM 2005) and Warsaw University (JD 2003) in Poland. He also studied at the University of Utrecht and the Hague Academy of International Law (2003) in the Netherlands.

Mr. Cytowski is a regular columnist for the Business Insider and has spoken on the Gillmor Gang. He is a member of the New York State bar.

David Hoffman

hoffmanDavid Hoffman is an Associate General Counsel and Global Privacy Officer at Intel Corporation. He led the first comprehensive cyber security review of Intel Corporation and have worked on privacy and security compliance, legal and policy issues for 20 years. He is also a winner of the 2014 International Association of Privacy Professionals’ Vanguard Award for leadership in privacy. He also regularly advises governments and has served on boards of directors of several privacy and security organizations.


Paul-Francois Fournier

Paul-Francois Fournier is the Head of SEVP BPIfrance Innovation since 2013 where he manages a team of 250 people, committed to investing in tomorrow’s most promising industries such as IT, the environment and health care.

Mr. Fournier is a Telecom ParisTech & Polytéchnique graduate, having entered the workforce in 1994, that has worked in a few of the biggest names in telecommunications in France. First, he joined France Telecom Orange as a business engineer, and spent the 7 years working in their business development division.

Then, in 2001 he became Director of Broadband Services at Wanadoo, where he ensured the liftoff of DSL services in France.  In 2011 he became the head of Orange’s Technocentre, where he was in charge of strategizing innovation and product development.


Dirk Ahlborn


Mr. Dirk Ahlborn is the Founder and CEO of JumpStarter Inc. which operates www.JumpStartFund.com, a web portal that believes in creating smarter and more successful companies by applying crowdsourcing from conception of an idea all the way through funding.

Dirk is a also CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. which is JumpStartFund’s well known undertakings to make the Hyperloop become reality, by using it crowd collaboration concept.

He is a serial entrepreneur with experience in almost every element of business: Management; product design and development and manufacturing; production facility design and set up, production cost control, marketing, product distribution; customer service; and sales.

Before co-founding Jumpstarter, he was at the Girvan Institute of Technology, an incubator-accelerator for early-stage high-tech companies. At Girvan, beginning in 2009, he was instrumental in the development of several startup companies, notably Advanced Turbine Designs, Inc., a developer of natural-gas fueled gas turbine generators for combined heat and power. In the course of his multi-faceted activities at Girvan, he also managed mobile and web application developments as well as search engine optimization and online marketing.


Carol Lee


Carol Lee is Partner at PwC in London where she is leading the technology, media, and telecom valuation practice in the UK.

Prior to arriving in the UK, Carol led the Silicon Valley valuation practice and the US Technology industry valuation practice nationally. Carol excels at advising startups to well-established innovative companies optimise their and their key assets at every stage in their lifecycle.

Carol’s deep involvement in the first dot.com boom, bust, and current resurgence and her active engagement with key technology industry leaders has earned her thought leadership status with her clients, colleagues and industry experts. Carol’s influence helped to shape valuation practices as a member of the AICPA Task Force responsible for drafting one of the latest practice aids addressing equity valuations of privately-held companies.


Isidro Laso


Isidro Laso is the Head of Startup Europe – European Commission, Fellow at Cambridge University, Thought Leader at the United Nations as well as Lecturer at Polytechnic University of Madrid. He dreams of a Europe that is full of entrepreneurs and visionary people.

Previously, he founded a software business just after graduating as engineer, and I also set up a junior enterprise in my college while being at the University. Afterwards I worked in strategic consultancy (Bossard) and in research and innovation projects.


Peter van Kemseke


Peter van Kemseke is a Senior Diplomat, Deputy of the Permanent Representation to the EU and Lecturer at KU Leuven. He was the Head of Cabinet of the former President of the European Council, Mr. Herman van Rompuy. Previously she served at OSCE, NATO, the UN, and was acting COREPER I-Ambassador, before joining the cabinet of the Belgian Foreign Affairs Minister (2011) and of the Belgian Vice Prime Minister/Finance Minister (2012).

His academic publications include books on diplomatic culture (‘Diplomatieke Cultuur’), the globalization of ideologies (‘Towards an Era of Development. The Globalization of Socialism and Christian Democracy, 1945-1965’) and on Belgian foreign policy (‘België in de Veiligheidsraad 1946-2006’ en ‘België aan het Hoofd van Europa’).

Less than two weeks remaining until Unconvention 2017 starts! Hurry up and reserve your ticket!